World Christmas Traditions

Happy Festive Friday! Today it’s all about the Christmas traditions of the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to adopt one of these traditions yourself for a bit of Christmas whimsy!


Hate cleaning? Head up north for a Norwegian Christmas! All the brooms and other cleaning implements must be hidden on Christmas Eve. If not, evil witches might come to steal them away. You definitely don’t want to be an evil witch enabler!


According to Bolivian tradition, a rooster is the animal that announced Jesus’ birth. At Christmas Eve mass, some attendees bring their very own rooster to join the festivities!


The Dutch are famous for their little wooden shoes. So famous in fact that Santa leaves gifts in children’s shoes left on the doorstep, not stockings hung by the chimney with care!

Czech Republic

Single ladies, if a husband is in your plans, head to the Czech Republic for Christmas! Each Christmas Eve, eligible women toss a shoe over their shoulder. If it lands with the toe facing the door, that lucky lady will enjoy wedded bliss within the next year. If it lands with the heel to the door, that lady will enjoy another year of freedom and singlehood! (Fun fact, I met my husband in the Czech Republic, but I didn’t have to use my shoe!)


In the United States, the Christmas season officially kicks off on “Black Friday,” the day after our Thanksgiving holiday. People wake up super early or even camp out all night at stores across the country, all in hopes of snagging a good deal on Christmas presents. But the things that really spell Christmas for us are Christmas lights on houses; singing Christmas carols on chilly nights; Christmas parties at work, school, or simply with friends; and hanging stockings by the fireplace–or really anywhere if your home doesn’t have a fireplace! Some radio stations play Christmas music 24 hours a day until December 25, and Christmas day is all about being with family.

What are your Christmas traditions? Want to adopt some of these?

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