Christmas Trees of the World


What’s the universal symbol of Christmas? Christmas trees! Check out the Christmas tree traditions from all over the world.


Christmas trees in the country of Georgia are very different than the traditional evergreen trees many Europeans and Americans are familiar with, though “Western” Christmas trees are becoming more popular. A Georgian Christmas tree is made of dried branches (such as walnut or hazelnut) that are shaved into curly strips. Some say it looks like St. Basil the Great’s long white beard! These shavings are then burned on January 18, the day before the Georgian Orthodox Epiphany.


An Argentinian Christmas tree can be any tree at all, not necessarily an evergreen! Christmas is a summertime holiday there, but they will often decorate the tree with cotton to look like snow. Often the trees are decorated by December 8, when they celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.


Greenland does not have its own Christmas trees! Trees do not grow that far north, so they import Christmas trees from Denmark. Their trees are decorated with candles and brightly colored ornaments. If an imported tree is not your thing, you can also use a driftwood tree and decorate it with small greenery.


Germany is credited with bringing the Christmas tree to America and Canada. In Germany, they have a very special Christmas tree tradition for kids. It involves a pickle. When the Christmas tree is all decorated, the parents hide a pickle ornament for the kinder (kids) to find. Whoever finds it first will receive an extra gift on Christmas morning!


Here in the States, we do love our Christmas trees! You’ll start to see decorated trees in stores just after Halloween (October 31), and people will typically put up their home Christmas tree the Friday after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) or the first few days of December to really enjoy the tree as long as possible! We place presents for our loved ones under the tree and decorate it with sentimental ornaments, shiny tinsel, and lights of any and every color.

Do you decorate your Christmas tree in a special way? Tell us about it below!

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