5 Scary Places to Travel (or Not!)

Happy Halloween! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Halloween! I don’t so much love being terrified, but I do love costumes, parties, and candy! And I love traveling to historically frightening places! Here’s a list of 5 fantastically frightening places to visit to help us celebrate Halloween!

5. North Sentinal Island
An island, right? Exotic, beautiful, romantic… Well, not this one, buddy. This island lies off the east coast of India in the Bay of Bengal, but no one is allowed to visit. The Sentinelese people make sure of that. A few brave souls have tried to contact the native people, but attempts are met with spears and arrows–outsiders are clearly not welcome. In fact, two fishermen were murdered by the Sentinelese when their boat drifted too near the reef surrounding the island. Scary.

4. The Bermuda Triangle
Mysterious disappearances are scary enough to put this one squarely on the list! Also called “The Devil’s Triangles,” unsolved sinkings, downed airplanes, and mysterious storms have plagued the region as long as legends have been told. The “triangle” spans from Bermuda to Miami to Puerto Rico and back to Bermuda, according to made-up boundaries determined in 1964. In 1607, three ships bound for Virginia Colony were separated by a pop-up hurricane. One of those ships, the Sea Venture was cast away to Bermuda, completely broken up on the rocky terrain. In 1945, Flight 19–a training mission of five torpedo bombers–all disappeared in the Triangle. A sixth plane was sent to search for them and also disappeared. Spooky.

3. London, England
London is arguably one of the most recognized and visited cities in the world despite its frightening past. Jack the Ripper (who was never caught), the Tower of London (site of royal murders and executions), and the Plague are all important pieces of London’s long history. There is even a bookshop haunted by the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide there… and has scared many people to death over the years.

2. Salem, Massachusetts
You know what I’m getting at here. Witch trials! The year was 1692. Colonists here believed Satan walked among them, and that witches did his bidding. Eventually 19 people were hanged for witchcraft; many others had their reputations permanently damaged by just being accused. Salem is the most famous witch trial location, but it’s far from the only one. Around 60,000 people were murdered for witchcraft in Europe from the year 1200 to 1700! Frightening!

The Salem Inn, Salem, Massachusetts

1. Transylvania, Romania
Yes, Dracula’s Castle, also known as Bran Castle, is open for tours! Count Dracula the vampire is supposedly based on Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century ruler who impaled his enemies to murder them. Local lore says that evil spirits live among the people in nearby villages. The spirits leave their bodies at midnight to haunt and torment the people of the village until first light. Is it true? Take a trip and find out for yourself! Horrific? Perhaps!

What would you add tot his list? Which one of these do you think is the scariest?

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  1. Bran Castle is “scary” destination, but I would also add Dracula’s House in Sighisoara or Poenari Fortress, the real “castle” of Dracula.

    1. I need to add those to my personal “to go” list!

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