What I Wore in Vienna

Originally posted 13 October 2015.

Full disclosure: I never thought I’d be one to write a “What I Wore” post, but people are so interested in packing tips and what to wear in different types of weather, I decided to give it a shot!

So let’s jump in. Here’s what I packed for a chilly October weekend in Vienna, Austria!

The pink bag at the top is my primary packing friend. It goes on my back while my other backpack goes on the front. It opens from the top AND the bottom, which has come in handy so many times–never lose something at the bottom of your bag again!

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. Plastic bags: They wad up and fit in any small space you have, and you can use them for laundry, to wrap up your shoes for packing, and to put leaky toiletries in if there’s a mishap.

2. Red plaid sweater: A new favorite! It’s comfortable, medium-weight, and rolls up nicely.

3. Grey boot socks: A gift from my mom to help keep me warm. They roll up small and take up very little space.

4. Puffy purple coat: A friend brought me this from my favorite clothing store in Japan, Uni Qlo! It’s a down jacket that wads up into the smallest of spaces! I love to travel with it because it wads up into my purse when I get too warm or spend a couple of hours in a museum.

5. Exercise band: Because it fits anywhere (even inside a shoe when necessary), and I can do several different exercises with it in case the hotel doesn’t have a gym and I need to workout in the room.

6. Running shoes: I packed these instead of wearing them this time because I also needed to have boots with me, and those are a little too big to pack, so I wore them and packed my running shoes instead.

7. Blue jeans: If you read this post, you know the benefits of blue jeans! For a long weekend, I would typically only pack one pair of pants, but I knew that Sunday would be close to freezing, so I thought I might need to wear my leggings under the jeans that day, since we’d be out all day long.

8. Pink sweater: I probably could have gone without a second sweater, but I had room, so I figured why not!

9. Yellow scarf: It goes with both sweaters, and it added a pop of color to my all-black travel outfit!

10. Two hearings: The black one for running (and sweating), the maroon one for wearing out and about.

11. Grey gloves: These are gloves and mittens! The mitten part pulls back to leave my fingers free when necessary.

12. Underwear and socks: All of them can be worn once more and thrown away–to make room for souvenirs!

13. Workout clothes: sports bra, sleeveless shirt (for working out indoors), workout pants (for indoor and outdoor use), and a long-sleeved shirt (for running outside in the cold). All but the pants would be left behind because they were on their last legs, making extra room for souvenirs–like Starbucks mugs!

Next up: My backside backpack

1. Pink pullover: To keep warm on the plane and to wear while I’m running outside.

2. Multi-colored purse: Best purse ever! The zipper lays against my back instead of on the outside for all the world to see.

3. Blur backpack: This is my trusty backpack from college, and it’s still the one I take with me all over the world!

4. Toiletries bag: To keep all the toiletries organized.

5. Laptop: This is my lightweight MacBook Air. I usually leave my laptop at home, but I wanted to work on some things on my long flights.

6. Purple watch: To keep track of time on the plane.

7. Three meal bars: To keep hunger at bay and make sure I get enough protein!

8. Mr. Peabody Pembroke: My traveling duck!

9. Flashlight: Sometimes I need to see things on the plane while others are trying to sleep.

10. Hand sanitizer: Sometimes the sinks on planes and in touristy areas are worse than not washing your hands at all! I like to use hand sanitizer instead sometimes.

11. Chargers and earbuds: To make sure everything keeps working! Side note: I forgot my power adapter! I should have packed that with my chargers.

12. Kleenex, glasses, plane toiletries

13. Top 10 Vienna book, highlighter, and post it tabs: For making plans on the plane!

14. Book: For entertainment

15. Cider packets and Emergen-C packets: For a warm beverage or two on the plane.

16. Purse bag: Contains chapstick, hair ties, bobby pins, and headband. I transfer this along with my other purse items.

17. Passport and wallet: Don’t travel with out them!

So, some of that is not too exciting, but it got me through two long flights and a weekend getaway in Vienna! What would you have “needed” that I didn’t pack, and what did I pack that you would have left behind?

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