Travel Fear: Sickness

It’s another Spooky Saturday! This time around, it’s all about getting sick on travel–or staying well! I’ve heard people say they’re afraid to travel because of possible seasickness, air sickness, traveler’s diarrhea, foreign illnesses, insurance concerns, and more. But fear not! Here are some solutions and reasons why you should never fear sickness on travel.

Go prepared!
 1. Motion sickness medication works for air and sea.

If you know seasickness is a problem for you, perhaps small ferry on choppy water between islands in the Galapagos isn’t your first choice. But maybe it could be! Don’t be too afraid of seasickness and talk yourself out of a cruise when you have so many motion sickness medication options–pills, bracelets, and more–and truthfully, you can’t even feel the boat move when it’s that large.

 2. Traveler’s diarrhea is easily treated.

It’s no fun when it’s happening, but seriously, Pepto-bismol and Imodium work! You can take those things with you, or you can almost always find those items at any pharmacy around the world! No excuses here.

3. Foreign illnesses are preventable.

How do you know what travel vaccinations to get? Where do you get them? What are the side effects? All that info can easily be found online, and my Travel Immunizations post. People travel to places that require travel immunizations for things like yellow fever and malaria every day–and they survive!

4. Insurance concerns are valid, but those concerns can be eased with a phone call!

My husband’s and my health insurance will cover us if we get hurt or sick abroad, but not everyone’s does. Call your insurance company to get all the particulars, but if you’re not covered abroad, don’t panic! There are many travel insurance companies that offer plans including medical coverage.

Does this ease your travel sickness fears? I hope so, but if not, comment below to let me know!

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