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Potties of the World

What’s the one thing that everyone in the world has in common? We all have to use the bathroom, no matter where in the world we are! You can call it the toilet, WC, restroom, potty, bathroom, or the John, the sentiment is the same–when you gotta go, you gotta go! Let’s take a look at some of the potties of the world, shall we?

First up: signage.

And check out this one from a men’s room in the Tallinn, Estonia, airport. My husband told me about it, and I asked him to run back inside to snap the picture:

Hilarious sign in an Estonian men’s room!

Such fun, right?! The Estonians are so friendly and helpful!

It’s pretty remarkable that you can always figure out which door to go through, no matter where you are in the world. But can you figure out how to use the toilet? Here are some I wasn’t too sure about at first… And maybe still.

I never did figure out how to use all the technology on the arm of the “western-style” toilet above, nor did I ever really figure out how to use the “Japanese-style” toilet in the upper left corner. It is indeed a ladies’ potty. By the end of my three-month stay in Japan and after wearing traditional Japanese yukata and kimono, however, I did start to see the benefits of facing the toilet in my time of need. But I never got comfortable with the idea of putting my knees on the bathroom floor.

Although I did use a Japanese toilet on a moving train. It was open to the ground below, and I could see the tracks passing by beneath me. It was the most terrifying and potentially disastrous trip to the toilet I ever experienced. And I survived it!

Just for diversity’s sake, here’s a shot of an Asian-style toilet in Thailand. It’s sort of in between–off the ground, but still a “squat” toilet:

Pretty sure you’re supposed to stand on the sides and squat over it. I willingly waited for a “Western” toilet stall to open up.Β 

But wait! Are you new to the Western-style toilet? Need some instructions? Here’s a little help:

As seen in Bali

Need to know if you’re heading into a Western- or Asian-style toilet? It’s easy to tell!

Heading to Turkey? Here’s their ladies’ toilet, complete with hose.


Have you ever encountered an interesting toilet while traveling? Had a baffling potty experience? Let me know about it below!

7 thoughts on “Potties of the World

  1. This is so funny! And original! Thank you for a post I would have never thought of and for this great collection of pictures πŸ˜‰ I went through mine, but I have never taken a picture of a toilet, maybe you will start a trend! Pinning this πŸ™‚

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