Travel Fear: Terrorism

It’s Spooky Saturday!

OK, so terrorism is no joke, and it is a legitimate travel fear today. But it’s not a legitimate excuse to stay home. Here are some reasons why:

 1. It probably won’t happen to you.

In the world today, the chances of a random terrorist attack are pretty good. However, the chances you will be involved in that attack are actually very small. I know, I know, “That’s what everyone thinks until it happens to them.” But the truth of the matter is, you can’t let a small possibility keep you from living your life.

2. Terrorists want you to be terrified.

We cannot be afraid to travel. That’s letting the bad guys win. And that is not acceptable.

9/11 Pentagon Memorial; Photo credit: Katrina Evett
 3. There are plenty of safe places to visit.

You don’t have to go to Syria or Afghanistan, or to any other country on the list of the least safe countries in the world recently published by Travel + Leisure. The Baltics are phenomenal, Hawaii is breathtakingly beautiful, and Iceland is one of the safest places in the world! There are so many positive possibilities, fear of a terrorist attack isn’t a reason to hide out at home forever.

Do you have other fears or concerns about terrorism? Was this post helpful? What could someone say or do to help you overcome your fear of terrorism on travel?

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