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What to Eat in Business: Lufthansa A380

It’s everyone’s favorite–What I Ate Wednesday! Today we’re blogging about airplane food. Love it? Hate it? Let’s see!

Steve and I experienced anย airplane “first” on our recent marathon flights in August. We flew on Lufthansa’s A380 Airbus aircraft–that’s the HUGE plane with two levels all the way across. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so sure we’d get ourselves up off the ground with the weight of it all!

Aside from the excitement of being able to sleep (I can’t sleep sitting up), you know what else comes with Business Class seats? Nice food! Check out the food on the A380.

Pretty fancy! It was all tasty, and by the time they serve a meal on a flight, I’m always hungry! And then came dessert! The mousses were good, but the marinated strawberries were marinated in alcohol, I think. I’m not a fan, but I guess a lot of people like it!

After an amazing 8 hours of sleep (I couldn’t believe it!), it was time for breakfast!

I went with the egg option. And yes, that’s Nutella for breakfast! I love those Germans.

And then we landed in Singapore with one more leg to go! After a good night’s rest and plenty of delicious airplane food, we were ready for it!

3 thoughts on “What to Eat in Business: Lufthansa A380

  1. Long haul flights on business is amazing! I was recently upgraded to business class from CPH to SIN and being able to lie flat with pillows around me is awesome. The food was ok though…

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