What to Eat in London

Updated June 26, 2020.

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter (all @quickwhittravel), you may know that my sweet husband and I spent last weekend in Iconic London! British food in general has had a reputation for being a bit bland, but in recent years, British pubs have been popping up all over the place in the States! PBS’s Downton Abbey has brought up a resurgence of tea time and grand parties as well. Here’s a look at our quick weekend getaway menu from jolly old London!

First up: Full English Breakfast

Baked beans for breakfast? You betchya! The traditional full English breakfast includes bacon (what we in the states know as Canadian bacon), sausage, baked beans, an egg (ours came sunny side-up, but I think you can order it to your preference in some places), baked tomato, and toast, along with coffee or tea. It was pretty good. Salt from the sausage and bacon added to the flavor, and it was certainly British!

Lunch and Supper

Of course fish and chips were on our agenda! That might be the most well-known British food besides tea time. And this might have been the biggest piece of fish we’d ever seen! This was the regular size–I can’t imagine trying to eat the large portion!

I also had a Brit recommend “Pie and Mash” to me before we left for London. I chose the chicken and leek pie selection, and I was not at all disappointed! We were shocked at the large size of the portions around here! The pie was covered with puff pastry, and it came with a side of delicious mashed potatoes and English peas with green beans and parsley. I finished it all because I was SO hungry!

I was also surprised that curry was on the list of “must have” dishes in London. There is a significant Indian population in England, and they did rule over India for a long time, so it makes sense! This was one of the best dishes we enjoyed on our weekend excursion. I recommend it!

Tea Time

You know I like to be completely honest about our travel experiences. This looks quite lovely, but that’s where the accuracy stopped! Cream tea is supposed to be a pot of tea with scones, cream, and jam. Well, the tea came in a glass cup, so I had to ask for a tea pot (gotta have the look–it’s for pictures!), and the scones came with plain butter and berries instead of clotted cream and jam. The cake they threw in was tasty, but not traditional. I’ll have to try again at a proper tea place next time!

And speaking of next time? What should I put on the list for my next trip to London? We’ll be back! Want more?

Check out my United Kingdom Page for more! And for all the food, visit my World Foods Page!

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  1. Delighted to see that you don’t adulterate your tea with milk!

    A couple of years ago I had tea and a sticky bun in Harrods…which was a bit exciting.

    1. No milk in my tea! Only in my coffee.

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