What to Eat on the Plane: Austrian Air Business

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This time around I’m writing about what was quite possibly the best flight I’ve ever experienced. There we were, Steve and I, waiting in the Thai Airways lounge, eating food, enjoying some comfortable(ish) seats before our 11 hour and 55 minute overnight flight from Bangkok, Thailand, to Vienna, Austria. You may know from previous blog posts that I find it nearly impossible to sleep on flights, especially in economy.

We walked to our gate, scanned our boarding passes, but we got a red light and an angry beep. Of course something would be wrong with our boarding passes. The gate agents asked us to step aside while they checked on it. A couple of minutes later, they came back with the best news, news I didn’t dare to hope for… We both got upgraded to Business! They had oversold economy, but there were plenty of seats open in Business class! This is our happy face:

We had already been awake nearly 24 hours; this is the best news ever!

So, Austrian Airlines is awesome. We’ve flown their Economy class before, and it was pretty nice! Every seat had in-flight entertainment with lots of movies to choose from, so Economy wouldn’t have been a bad option. But the Business Class seats were cushy, you got a large pillow (by airplane standards) and full-size blanket, and a large touch-screen TV with lots of TV and movies to watch!

OK, let’s get to it: Food! Did I mention a chef took our order and brought us our entrees?

He’s so cute!

And this is our menu:


I did not have room for dessert–can you believe it?! But I was hungry enough in time for breakfast after a couple of movies and a fabulous night’s sleep!

Fruit (in the upper left corner), croissant with butter and jam, omelette with sausage, tomato, and potatoes, and of course coffee!

Have you ever had a pleasant surprise on travel? Does this food look delicious to you? Comment below!

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