A Day of Delight at Dulles!

I’m about to confess something to you that I just hate to admit. The couple of days before a trip of any length–two days to two weeks–are so stressful! This time was no different. A series of stressful events are coming up that we have no control over, and to top it off, Steve was unable to fully check in for the second leg of our trip, Tokyo to Bangkok! He called, I called, he finagled with the reservation on the airline’s website. None of the usual tricks were working, and we were both frustrated, but especially Steve!

So, Wednesday was stressful, Thursday morning was stressful, but then the delight happened. We got to the airline’s lounge to get a quick snack and refill our water bottles before out 13 hour flight, and the woman at the desk asked, “Are you two traveling together? Would you like to try our Global First lounge as our surprise and delight for the day?”

What?! Yes we would!

So she gave us a pass for the first class lounge, and off we went! Good thing I was already hungry, too, because they had more than just nuts, hummus, veggies, and cookies. They were just setting out several lunch options!

We enjoyed the First Class experience for about an hour until we needed to board our first flight. Next stop: Narita!

But what awaited us on the plane? Friendly flight attendants and brand new amenities kits!

We had to wait about 20 minutes for 19 people from a connecting flight, so we were actually a little late landing and deplaning in Tokyo, but we got Steve’s boarding pass and even had about five minutes to try out the All Nippon Airways (ANA) lounge. They had an iced coffee machine, just for me!

What’s your most delightful travel story? Have you been pleasantly surprised by another person’s kindness or a bit more of something than you expected? Comment below with you story!

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