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Epic Landscapes of the World

Some people travel for the food; some people travel for the people. Some people travel to find themselves; some people travel to find something greater than themselves. Some people travel for the architecture; some people travel for the history. We all travel for our own reasons, with our own preferences, and on our own terms.… Continue reading Epic Landscapes of the World

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Where to Spend Valentine’s Day Solo

Valentine’s Day is all about love and lovers… and it kind of stinks for the singles! I used to call it “Singles’ Awareness Day” (acronym “SAD,” of course!), but my attitude toward Valentine’s Day changed over the years, even before I met my husband! Valentine’s Day became a day to spend with my single girl… Continue reading Where to Spend Valentine’s Day Solo

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Legendary Hotels of the World

If you’ve read my post about how to choose accommodations, you know the most stressful part of travel for me is choosing hotels! But the fact of the matter is simple: you have to stay somewhere. And fortunately enough for me, my husband likes to stay in nice places. Here’s a quick peek at some… Continue reading Legendary Hotels of the World

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My Top Posts of 2019

This has been a huge year for the blog, and 2019 brought Quick Whit Travel to a major milestone: 100,000 views! I’ve been blogging for nearly 14 years now, but I didn’t get my “dot com” (meaning, not a free website!) site until 2016. Plenty of other bloggers get 100,000 views a week (or more),… Continue reading My Top Posts of 2019

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2020 Travel Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made to be forgotten by February, right? Well, maybe not. I can admit last year’s travels got a little out of hand, and in the coming year, I intend not to make the same mistakes. With a little more planning and a little more resolve, we can all make 2020 our… Continue reading 2020 Travel Resolutions

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Endless Summer Bucket List

Lots of people I know look forward to fall. They love the pumpkin spice, the changing leaves, the cooler weather, the holidays on the horizon… But not this girl! I’m a summer girl through and through. Give me an iced cold lemonade and a book by the pool, hot nights, lush greenery and flowers, or… Continue reading Endless Summer Bucket List

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Some Things Travelers Know

The more you do something, the better you get at it, right? In an industry as changeable and varied as travel, it seems like the rules change all the time; but despite all that, there are a few things travelers know for sure. Here’s the run-down, so maybe this info will help you out in… Continue reading Some Things Travelers Know

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Ultimate Travel Couple Bucket List

Looking for some adventures to have with your loved one? There are definitely some bucket list items out there that are best experienced as a couple, and I hope you’ll find that this list is your ultimate guide! Go Hiking through Maui’s Bamboo Forest Hiking as a couple is always a winner—sometimes you have to… Continue reading Ultimate Travel Couple Bucket List

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5 Ways to Travel without Leaving Home

Everyone who loves to travel gets it… that itch. That travel bug bites, and it’s impossible to shake that feeling that you need to travel! Unfortunately for those of us who live in the real world, travel is not always an option. Money’s too tight, you don’t have enough time off work—whatever the reason, sometimes… Continue reading 5 Ways to Travel without Leaving Home

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New Year, New Opportunities: Travel Resolutions

Wait a minute… wasn’t it just January? How is it already Christmas? And New Year’s is next week! The years seem to fly by faster and faster. Every year I hope to be better than I was the year before, and every year I find new goals to set. If you’re feeling lost and a… Continue reading New Year, New Opportunities: Travel Resolutions