Your Ultimate Guide for How to Travel from EWR to NYC

Whether you’re going to New York City for a girls’ weekend, solo trip, couples getaway, or business trip, I know you’ve got one question after you fly in: How do I get there from here?

If you’re flying into Newark-Liberty International Airport (EWR), you’re in luck! I’ve got the info for you. If you fly much with United Airlines (like I do), you’ve probably flown into, or at least connected through, Newark before, since it’s a major United hub. Or, maybe it’s an airport you try to avoid at all costs (too big for its’ britches, am I right?). Either way, if you’re flying to New York for the weekend, you’re possibly flying into EWR. Here’s how to (and how not to) travel from Newark Airport into New York City!

The Statue of Liberty
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Best Option: Train

Don’t you love it when I don’t save the best for last? Me, too. (But you’ll still want to read until the end–promise!)

You know the nice thing about a train? Someone else is doing the navigating. You know what else is nice about a train? No traffic jams! Your best bet for getting into NYC is to take the AirTrain from EWR to the end of the line, then transfer to the NJ Transit train to New York. As of 2023, a one way ticket from EWR to New York-Penn Station is $15.75, and you can buy a round-trip ticket for $31.50.

Getting into New York

  • Upon arrival at Newark, follow signs to Baggage Claim (if you checked luggage), then follow signs for the AirTrain.
  • Buy your ticket at the kiosk at the AirTrain station.
  • Take the AirTrain to the end of the line, about 5-10 minutes, to Newark Liberty International Airport Station.
  • Transfer to the NJ Transit Train, and scan your ticket along the way. You may have to wait up to 20 minutes for the train, so fair warning.
  • When you board the train, find a seat and have your ticket ready for the ticket checker who will come through on the trip, which is about 24 minutes.
  • Get out at New York-Penn Station. You did it!
Welcome to New York!
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Getting from New York to EWR

  • Go to New York-Penn Station and use the entrance for NJ Transit (not the Subway or Amtrak entrances).
  • If you did not buy a round-trip ticket, buy your one-way ticket to EWR at a ticket counter or ticket kiosk.
  • Look on the departures board for the train to Longbranch; it will be blue with a small airplane beside it.
  • Go to the track number for Longbranch and board.
  • Have your ticket out for the ticket checker who will come by during the 24-minute ride.
  • Get off the train at Longbranch and walk upstairs or take the elevator to the AirTrain, scanning your ticket along the way.
  • Board the AirTrain and ride to the terminal listed on your boarding pass (A, B, or C).
  • You did it! Now go to security and find your gate! Stop for a coffee or treat inside the airport while you’re at it. You deserve it.
So long, NYC!
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Why You Don’t Want to Take a Taxi, Uber/Rideshare, or Drive Yourself

Traffic, traffic, traffic. If you love sitting in traffic, this may be the best option for you. But if you’re like most of the people in the world, you’d rather just get there quickly, without the stress of sitting in traffic.

The thing about getting into New York City is that you’re going to an island. That means there aren’t a whole lot of routes to take into the City. Instead, you’ll be at the mercy of one of three main arteries onto the island: Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, or the George Washington Bridge. Traffic on any of these options is always fierce, but if there’s an accident on any one of these, not only is that one clogged, but the other two also become very packed, very quickly.

Besides, if you drive, you might miss seeing the Naked Cowboy in Times Square!

“Bottom” line: You are better off taking the train to avoid these roads altogether. 

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