5 Important Ways This Travel Influencer Goes on Vacation without Being Glued to Her Phone

I will be the first to admit that I’m on my phone too much. My whole life is on there—my business, my travel plans, my camera, my music, basically everything. Except that’s not true. Being in the moment with my husband, my friends, and my family really is far more important than whatever is dinging on my phone, you know? 

I got to thinking about it on my recent anniversary trip to French Polynesia, so I decided to write about it. This is for any other influencers out there trying to balance growth and business sense with being in the moment and being with the ones you love. Here are some ideas to help you find—and strike—the balance, at least a little bit!

She Works Ahead

This one is first on the list for a reason. The more you can do in advance and schedule to go live while you’re gone, the better! I take a few hours once a month to schedule posts for Facebook (even when I’m going to be in town!) just to make sure I’m keeping my account active without needing to actually be on Facebook every day. 

The same goes for Instagram when I know I’ll be traveling. I’m more active on Instagram in real life, but I don’t want to feel the pressure to post while I’m supposed to be enjoying a trip or time with my husband. You can schedule posts for both Facebook and Instagram in the Meta Business Suite, either on the app or on the website (which I find to be a little easier).

You can also go ahead and draft reels to post to your socials when you’re ready. The schedule function is a little glitchy for reels, but having them ready to go is a big help! 

I scheduled 30 blog posts, created multiple reels, and scheduled content to go live on all my socials before our flight left for Panama and Curaçao. I earned an ice cream treat for sure!
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She Puts it in Airplane Mode or Sets a Restrictive “Focus”

You know how to avoid the temptation of all those dings and beeps and whistles and vibrations? (Because “Silent Mode” doesn’t really get rid of them, does it?) Airplane mode. This is a fast, easy way to completely silence every notification with one tap of a button. It turns off your wifi and data capabilities, so you can still use Notes and take photos with your phone, but basically nothing else. At first it’s super scary, and then it’s totally freeing, and maybe even a little bit confidence-building!

But if you still want to know if your mom is calling, or if you still want to be able to use certain functions on your phone or be notified when certain people call or text, take a few minutes to set a “Focus” on your phone. You can set it to start and end at certain times so you don’t even have to think about it, or you can turn it on and off manually if you prefer. (I prefer this option, since I know myself well enough to accept that I am a control freak when it comes to my time!)

Airplane Mode: The Number 1 Easiest Way to Turn Off All Distractions
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She Uses Jet Lag to Her Advantage

Up at 4:00am? That’s “bonus time!” It’s the perfect time to get some things done so you don’t have to think about it while you’re supposed to be enjoying your day. I like to double check transportation options or opening hours for the day’s activities, or go ahead and hop on Instagram stories to either chat or show some photos from the previous day’s adventures. Use your “bonus time” to do the things that would otherwise distract you throughout the day. 

How to use your jet lag: Work ahead, post to socials, and sip morning coffee with a moonlit view like this one.
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She Writes Things Down… On Paper

Making notes in my phone is usually the most convenient option, but I always have a small notebook and pen with me for handwritten notes. Sometimes I just prefer handwritten notes, and sometimes I don’t prefer to get distracted with my phone. So, remember that you can write things down on paper wherever you are!

It doesn’t have to be written in stone. Just write it down!
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She Reminds Herself What’s Important

My husband did not sign up to be an “Insta-husband.” While he is ever-encouraging and ever-supportive of my dreams and goals, I can tell when he starts to get annoyed with it all. Remember that it’s okay to compromise! Can you go back on your own later? Can you do something else? Can you find something you’ll both enjoy? Would it help to just pay attention to your travel companion for the length of a meal without looking at your phone and taking photos of your food?

My marriage is so much more important to me than my Instagram or blog, and sometimes it helps to intentionally think about that when I start to feel the pressure to get a perfect shot or be in a super crowded place or keep trying to force something to happen that just isn’t working out. So, be willing to remind yourself to be in the moment, and to share the moment with the person who means so much to you. 

Nothing else I “need” to do is more important than making memories with my Love!
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