The Ultimate List of Things You Can’t Do in Egypt

There is so much to do in Egypt! A few days just won’t cut it. A few weeks might get you close. But more important than all the things there are to do in this bucket list destination are the specific things you can’t do. So, while planning your trip, please keep these in mind!

You Can’t Bring Your Drone

Nope! Can’t do it. You cannot own, sell, buy, or operate a drone in Egypt without a special permit from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. Since at least 2017, the government has been concerned about terrorists using drones for attacks, so instead, Egypt has outlawed them. If you bring one, it will be confiscated. Don’t believe me? Click here for more! Just don’t bring your drone.

Not to worry! You can still get truly epic photos without your drone!
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You Can’t Drink the Water Everywhere

Unless you’re staying at an upscale hotel, you really shouldn’t drink, or even brush your teeth, with the tap water. Plan to use bottled water to brush your teeth and to drink throughout your trip. Nothing ruins a trip quite like tummy troubles! And just in case you forget, make sure to pack some Pepto Bismol!

Water, water everywhere… Just make sure you’re drinking it bottled!
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You Can’t Leave without Seeing the Pyramids

I mean, if you go to Egypt but don’t see the Pyramids, did you really go? It’s the one thing that’s on nearly every single person’s bucket list! It’s usually one of the very first things people do after flying into Cairo and checking into their hotel. Everyone who visits Egypt needs several photos of the Pyramids from a variety of angles, but most importantly, you’ll need a selfie of you with a camel and the Pyramids in the background. You can’t leave without seeing the Pyramids!

If you go to Egypt but don’t see the pyramids in person, did you really go?
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You Can’t Always Know what You’re Looking at without a Guide

Egypt has over 5,000 years of history. Not only are there practically gazillions of artifacts, new ones are being discovered in the sand, even to this day! So, that’s a lot to keep track of, a lot to explain, and a lot to keep straight, especially when so much of the history is in B.C.–that backwards counting always messes me up!

To counter that, make sure you’re visiting every site with an amazing guide! A good one will be able to point out the important things that aren’t labeled, answer your questions with confidence and accuracy, and help you keep it all in a relative timeline to help you understand it all! We toured Egypt with Egypt Elite, which provides a local guide in each city you visit, so you get that extra depth of information.

Thank goodness for Maha, otherwise we wouldn’t have known anything about the artifacts in the Egyptian Museum!
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You Can’t Only Stay in Cairo if You Want to See Everything

I hate to break it to you, but someone has to… You can’t take a day trip to Abu Simbel from Cairo. You can’t just pop down to Luxor for a couple of hours and make it back to Cairo by dinnertime. You can do a day trip from Cairo to Alexandria in a day, but just know that it’s a three hour journey–each way!

Yes, it would be awesome and convenient if you could only unpack once and see the entire country. But the best thing is really to just plan on traveling around and spending only 1-3 nights in each place you want to visit. It’s worth it to take your time and

Think you can pop down to Tut’s tomb and explore Luxor on a day trip from Cairo? Think again!
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You Can’t Skip the Local Food

I understand food preferences. I really do. But you can’t go to Egypt and not try the local foods! You’ll find Middle Eastern staples like falafel, shawarma, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, etc., so if you’re already a fan of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors, you’re in luck! Local favorites also include koshary, stuffed pigeon, and… Sweets! I must have been Egyptian in a former life because I am a total sucker for sweets! Give it all a try. You might just like it! Or at least some of it!

Don’t forget to try the stuffed pigeon!
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You Can’t Skip the Tip

You cannot skip the tipping in Egypt. Your tour company may tell you tipping is optional, but rest assured, that is not an ethical tour company. Many Egyptians work solely for tips–as in, they don’t get paid a salary or fee, they literally work for tips. Don’t skimp on tipping in Egypt. It’s a part of the culture and the locals’ livelihood.

Don’t forget to tip!
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Want more? Get everything you need to plan your trip on my dedicated Egypt Page!

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