How to Spend a Rainy Day on Mo’orea

A rainy day in paradise is better than a sunny day at home, don’t you agree? While perhaps not idyllic, it happens in real life! Steve and I visited Mo’orea in January, during French Polynesia’s summer rainy season. I learned while living in Japan that the “rainy season” means that it rains every day, but not all day long. I thought we’d be fine. 

Wrong! We happened to visit during a particularly stormy few days that even the locals were sort of wowed by. There was some flooding, high winds, and the weather people predicted waves of up to four meters, or 13 feet! Unfortunately for us, that meant hiking would be too dangerous (flash floods, slippery mud, etc.), and the water would be too choppy and strong for ocean activities. But we didn’t let that ruin our trip! Here are the best things to do on a rainy day on Mo’orea. 

Dine Out (Inside)

You gotta eat, right? Even if it’s a bit gray, find an eatery with a view anyway! We ate at the Green Pearl Restaurant, which is situated on a golf course (where no one was golfing, due to rain). All the walls were made of windows, so we got to enjoy the lush greenery (the rain is good for something) from the dry comfort of the great indoors. Enjoy the slow, multi-course, European style of dining here and remind yourself that you’re here to take it slow anyway.

The clouds were weeping, but we were smiling on the inside!
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Get a Massage

Relax. You’re in paradise! This is a bit of a splurge item, but what else are you going to do? I got an “Activate” massage at our hotel spa, Le Jardin, at the Sofitel Kia Ora. It was meant to activate the muscles, clear them of built-up toxins, and be good for the lymphatic system. I thought that would be a great option after nearly 36 hours of travel, don’t you think? At Le Jardin, I could have also chosen the “Relax” massage or the “Polynesian” massage, which uses wave-like motions. Get the massage, feel good about your rainy day. Your muscles and mind will thank you! 

It’s amazing how soothing the sound of the rain is when you’re preparing for a massage!
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Get in the Water

You’re already wet anyway! The first day of our visit, the water was not safe enough to get in or participate in ocean activities like snorkeling or kayaking. But if it’s just drizzly or only a little rainy, jump in! French Polynesia, and Mo’orea in particular, has some of the clearest water in the entire world. Don’t miss out on it just because the sun is hiding. The water might actually be warmer than the outside air paired with rain and a breeze!

You’re already wet!

Go Pearl Shopping

Do any kind of shopping you want, but when on Mo’orea, look for the pearls! Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll gain a new appreciation for pearls and the process of making them. Tahitian pearls, or black pearls, come in many shades that range from silvery-white to deep black, and every iridescent shade in between. It may be hard to believe that their colors are natural, but they are! Don’t miss a chance to admire what nature is capable of, even if it’s also putting a damper on your day. 

This pearl necklace is worth $40,000 USD! No, I didn’t get it!
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Rest and Listen

You’re on vacation, right? You lugged that hard-back book all the way from home, and now you have a chance to read it! Listening to the rain fall, especially on the lapping ocean water, is truly relaxing. Even the wind blowing on your thatched roof will put you in a happy place if you take a minute to listen to it. Put on that fancy hotel robe and slippers, make yourself a hot tea, and open a window or a door to let the sounds in while you chill on the comfy seat in the corner of your room. Ahhh.

Don’t let the rain get you down. Let it re-energize you for when the sunshine comes back out!
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