5 Reasons Travelers Love to “Fahlo”

The secret’s out: I’m an affiliate partner with Fahlo! More and more companies are working with smaller bloggers, like myself, and I’m here for it. You’ve probably seen their ads on Facebook and Instagram recently: you buy a bracelet, and you get to track a sea turtle! Or a shark! Or an elephant! Or a penguin! Or a POLAR BEAR! 

My husband got me the sea turtle for Christmas (her name is Babs, and she lives in the Caribbean!), and I loved the whole concept so much, I decided to get a bracelet supporting each of the other three animals, too. Here’s why I love mine, and why you will, too! Don’t forget to use my code QUICKWHIT20 for a special discount exclusively for you! 

Fahlo is a fun way to keep track under the sea!
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It’s a Reminder to Daydream

Do travelers really need an excuse to daydream? Do we sometimes need a reminder? Yes! I’m always thinking about travel, but right now, it’s stressful. When I wear one of my Fahlo bracelets, however, I’m reminded of the fun of travel—seeing animals in the wild is always a highlight! I’ll never forget the turtle Steve and I “befriended” on our trip to the Galapagos Islands, so when I check on my turtle, Babs, through the Fahlo app, I’m always reminded of my own turtle encounters and daydreaming about the next time I’ll see one!

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We Love to Learn New Things

Travelers are constantly learning new things, whether it’s words in a different language, how to use local transportation, or why native animals behave the way they do! For instance, it never occurred to me that sharks could stay under water for weeks at a time during a long migration. Where did I learn that? The My Fahlo app! The tracker on Eddie, my shark in the Bahamas, only updates when she (yes, she) surfaces. So the app doesn’t update with a new location every day. Instead, I get to be surprised about when and where she pops up! 

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We Need a Friend Sometimes

Travel can be lonely. People sometimes say hurtful things about how expensive travel is, how they’re jealous of your travels, or how you travel “too much.” (What does that even mean?) But with the My Fahlo app, you get to track your own friend in the wild! I think of Ella, my polar bear, as a little friend who’s constantly on the go. She’s floating around on glaciers, swimming in freezing waters near the North Pole, and sometimes exploring new lands! It’s fun to think I have a friend up north! 

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To Do Something Good

Magado, my elephant, roams the Samburu Nature Preserve in Kenya. Her Fahlo Tracker updates almost daily, but always with a four month delay. Why four months? So poachers won’t buy a bunch of bracelets and hunt down Magado and her friends. My elephant bracelet purchase supports conservation efforts and elephant research, so hopefully one day these beautiful, gentle giants won’t have to live with the threat of poachers. 

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To Inspire Future Travels

I want to visit them all! Seeing my animals friends in their travels has definitely inspired my own. I’m so ready to go visit Babs the turtle and Eddie the shark on a warm, sunny, Caribbean getaway. I want to go see Magado the Elephant and all her animal friends in Kenya soon. I want to see the northern lights with Ella the polar bear. (Maybe from a distance!) Travelers love to be inspired to travel more, and this is a fun way to do just that! 

So, whether you have a traveling loved one, an animal lover on your gift list, or you just want a little something for yourself, this deal is for you! I do make a commission on all purchases from my links! By clicking the links to shop with me, you get a 20% discount, support animal conservation, and support my small business at no additional cost to you! 

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There’s Always Someone New to “Fahlo”

One thing I absolutely LOVE about My Fahlo is that they’re always looking for new ways to help wildlife around the world. They recently launched the “Passage” bracelet, which tracks a penguin! My penguin’s name is Mecha, and she spends a lot of her time off the coast of Argentina! I might have to go visit one day.

Mecha the tiny penguin!
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6 responses to “5 Reasons Travelers Love to “Fahlo””

  1. My animal is a polar bear her name is Ella she is beautiful and she raised five cubs of her own and she is off swimming right now on a glacier. Can’t wait till next week to see where she has traveled to🥰🐻‍❄️

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      That is too fun! I love polar bears!

    2. I got a hammerhead shark named Eddie too, same path as well

  2. Why is my shark the same Eddie

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      I think they only have a set number of sharks tagged!

  3. I saw this a while back and was really hyped for it but I was scared of it being a scam. But reading your post gets me somewhat back into that hype. I’d love to get some bracelets because they’re beautiful! And I love supporting animals as long as it really helps them.
    Meeting my animals irl would be amazing as well, tho! Haven’t ever thought about that!
    Thanks for sharing!

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