Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Turkish Lounge at Miami International Airport

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I last visited an airline lounge! So when Steve and I had the opportunity to use the new Turkish Airlines lounge in Miami International Airport, we jumped at the chance! Our status within the Star Alliance via United Airlines gave us access, and now I’m passing it along to you! Here’s what to expect if you plan to visit the Turkish Lounge flying from or through Miami!


The lounge is located between the H and J concourses. You’ll see the signs as soon as you pass through the TSA security checkpoint. You’ll follow the signs up in an elevator, then down a hallway, and then you’re there!

We were excited to enjoy this lounge!
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The lounge is large and spacious, which is wonderful all the time, not just during the pandemic! There’s a variety of seating, all of it comfortable. The color scheme is calming earth tones and neutrals, with gold accents and black or white marble surfaces. 

Comfy seating everywhere!
Beautiful lounge!
We were luck to visit when no one else was there!
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Selfie Corner

A unique feature of this lounge is the selfie corner! You can take a photo with the backdrop provided, including surfboards depicting both Miami and Istanbul!

Make sure you take a picture at the selfie corner!
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Showers and Restroom

One of the things I appreciate about lounges is the ability to know I’m using a spacious, clean restroom. It’s the little things! The ladies’ room in this lounge is one of the nicest I’ve visited! 

There is a shower area in the lounge, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it is not available at this time. It is also not available for photos. I asked!

The ladies’ room is spacious and bright!
Very private toilet experience.
Touchless soap and water is available.
Showers will be available when the pandemic ends!
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The other thing I love about airline lounges? The food! Airport food is expensive, y’all. I’m sure when the pandemic is over, there will be more variety and more availability, but all things considered, they had a wonderful selection! 

Breakfast selection of cereal and sandwiches
An impressive selection, especially considering COVID!

Instead of having buffet-style access to the food and beverages, we simply asked the attendant for the food or drinks we wanted, and she passed them to us in socially-distanced fashion. 

Scrambled eggs and veggies
Latte, honey with feta, and a croissant breakfast sandwich!
Pita with Tzatziki
Cheese and grapes
Falafel, couscous, and veggies for lunch
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