6 Amazing Ways to Style a Sweater

You know it, and I know it: sweaters take up a lot of space! It can be hard to pack light in the winter, but this post is here to help you! I’m about to show you multiple ways to wear one sweater. Apply as many of these styles to your next cold-weather trip as you like, and pack lighter next time!

All Out

This is how I think most of us wear out sweaters, and it’s cute! Sweaters look great untucked with jeans, leggings, skirts, whatever you prefer! This basic style can be dressed up or down in countless ways!

I love a pretty sweater!

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Quarter Tuck

I’ve just recently discovered the quarter tuck, and I love it! It’s surprisingly flattering, and it really does change up your look. I like to wear this look with a belt, but that’s up to you!

I love a quarter tuck!

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With a Jacket

Need to look like you’re not wearing the same thing two days in a row? (Travel long enough, and you will definitely find yourself in this situation!) The easiest solution is a jacket! Whether it’s denim, leather, fleece, or something else, a jacket is the perfect “next day” accessory.

A jacket changes everything!

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With a Vest

Similar to a jacket, a vest can change everything! I love traveling in leggings, but sadly for me, most of my leggings do not have pockets! Enter: the vest. I love having a vest with pockets, and wearing it over a sweater keeps me warm without overheating, as I tend to do wearing a sweater paired with a coat or full-sleeve jacket.

Love those pockets!

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With a Pashmina Scarf

If you’re wearing a sweater, it’s probably cold! So a scarf is the perfect companion. Not only will it keep you warmer, it’ll cover a stain if need be, as well as give your sweater a whole new sense of style!

A scarf is the best sweater accessory!

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With a Square Scarf

I love a good square scarf! They take up no space, jazz up day-old hair, and give your sweater a whole new look! I have this one tied in the “bandit” style.

Traveler or bandit? Who can tell?

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Want more? Check out the “Travel Style” section of my Packing Page for how to style your favorite pieces of travel clothing!

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