What to Know Before You Visit Prince Edward Island

Updated August 1, 2022.

Since travel in 2020 is, well, less than in years past, I’ve been working hard this simmer to revamp my blog, find some holes to fill in my content, and write a series of travel books! One of the spaces I needed to fill was definitely Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Canada. Here is everything you need to know before you visit this unique island!


You will hear locals and visitors alike refer to Prince Edward Island as PEI! You will also see this reference when their world-famous mussels are on the menu. Always get the PEI mussels!

Seafood is very important on PEI!
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When to Visit

You can certainly visit PEI year-round, but their primary summer season is July-August. You will find the most businesses and attractions open in that two month timeframe, but many businesses are also open year round, possibly with limited hours. Winters can be quite cold and long-lasting, but June-September will be your best bet for nice weather and long days!

Mid-July was a beautiful time to visit!
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You Can Get in for Free, but Must Pay to Leave!

It’s true. You can take the ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia, or drive across the Confederation Bridge. Either will be free to get onto PEI, but the ferry till be $70 CAD to go back from PEI to Caribou; the Confederation Bridge will be $50 CAD.

Pro tip: Get Cows Ice Cream on the ferry!

The ferry ride is the most authentic way to get around the Maritimes!
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Atlantic Time

This section of Canada is on Atlantic Time. That is one hour ahead of Eastern Time, four hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Be ready for long days and beautiful views!
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Long Days in Summer, Long Nights in Winter

This might be a detail you miss in your planning, so I’m here to tell you: PEI is quite high on the latitude, which means days can be 15 hours and 48 minutes in summer. In winter, days can be only 8 hours and 40 minutes. Plan your days according to your season!

Get ready to enjoy long days in summer!
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Some Hotels and Attractions Do Not Have Air Conditioning

Because Canada has such cold, long winters and short, cool summers, many accommodations, museums, etc., do not have (or usually need) air conditioning. If you are counting on air conditioning during those last couple of weeks in July that get semi-hot, make sure you contact your accommodation to check whether or not they have air conditioning available.

All the Canadians kept apologizing for the massive “heat wave” they were experiencing while we were there… We Tennesseans thought it was perfect weather!
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“Anne of Green Gables” is Set Here!

Okay, since you’re reading this, you probably already knew! This was the reason I had to take my mom to PEI, because she loved Anne of Green Gables books as a little girl, and so did I. The author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, grew up here and set the series on the island. In fact, you can tour her childhood home and see similarities to Green Gables in the books as well! I highly recommend exploring all the “Anne” things to do on PEI!

My mom had the BEST TIME!
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Want more? Get everything you need to plan your trip on my dedicated Canada Page!

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