Packing for Men: Fall in New England

Updated June 23, 2020.

It’s no secret that no one actually likes to pack. Least of all my husband! I usually pack for him wherever we go, and he fills in with his toiletries and electronics. It works out pretty well because he doesn’t have to pack, and I get to blog about it! And hopefully this will be helpful for you, too.

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On the Plane

Two things to consider on travel days: comfort and storage! And since men don’t usually carry purses, jeans and a light jacket are just the thing.

Comfortable gear for a short flight and a hike afterward!


Polo Shirt


Changes of Clothes

My husband has a uniform. It involves polos. In the winter it involves long-sleeved polos.

Polos for days.

Short-sleeve Polo

Long-sleeve Polo

Not Pictured: Extra Jeans

Keeping Warm

I would have included my husband’s puffy coat, but he was on another trip when I packed for him and wrote this post! That’s what I get for marrying a jet-setter.

Keeping warm on brisk mornings and chilly evenings!

Puffy Coat

Running Jacket




Working Out

My husband works out daily, rain or shine, snow or sun, rain or mud! He also sweats more than just about anyone I know. I can re-wear my workout clothes two days in a row. My husband cannot!

Ready to run, no matter the weather!

Moisture-wicking Shirt

Moisture-wicking Long-sleeve Shirt


Running Pants

Running Shoes


Ever since my mom got us packing cubes and new luggage for Christmas last year, we are obsessed! Packing cubes are like having a shelf in your luggage. And good luggage will last forever.

Packing Cubes

Osprey Porter 46L Backpack

Need more help packing? Check out my Packing Page!

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