Minimalist Summer Packing: 2 Days in Boston

Updated June 23, 2020.

Surprise! If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you know I just took a surprise trip to Boston! I was there less than two days, so packing minimally was definitely the way to go. If you want to try out minimalist packing on a quick summer getaway, this packing guide is for you! Photo links below are affiliate links with Amazon, so just click to get yours!

Travel Time

You definitely need a good sundress for Boston in summer! It’s moisture-wicking, flattering, and every trip calls for a little black dress.

I took exactly one pair of shoes, and those are my running shoes. I love to run through town wherever I travel, so those are essential. I also value foot comfort over what might be more fashionable, and my running shoes are just as good for walking as for running.

I love a good visor! I was thankful to have this for my trip, and it takes up practically no space because I was either wearing it or had it strapped to (not inside) my bag!

Since I knew I would be wearing this dress twice on the trip, I decided to dress it up a bit with a necklace. A great way to look and feel more like you’re not wearing the same thing twice is to use a piece of jewelry, scarf, belt, or other accessory to change the look up a little bit. Nothing too flashy, so you don’t look like a target, but something with a little color that will draw attention away from the clothes and make the outfit look a little different.

Workout Gear

I really like running and working out when I travel. Running is a great way to see a lot of a city in a short time, and if I’m crossing time zones, it’s also a great way to let my body know that it’s time to be awake! I am not afraid to wear my workout clothes twice, so I decided to only bring one set with me for both days. One rule I live by for packing workout gear is to pack a top with a built-in bra. That’s one thing less to pack! I have this one in two colors, and of course a black running skirt goes with everything!

A Change of Clothes

Even the most minimalist packing list requires a change of clothes! This dress is cute, flattering, comes in several colors, and is moisture-wicking for maximum summer comfort! I also took two changes of underwear and two pair of socks. Could I wear the same pair of socks two days in a row? Sure. Would I want to when they take up so little space? Nope!


Who doesn’t want a fun pair of travel pajamas? Roll ’em up tight to maximize your space!


If I could go totally liquid-free, I would. But as long as I wear contacts and need control of my hair, that will never be the case! But here are the essentials, just as minimal as I was willing to go:

Get the best here: Your Ultimate Guide to Solid Toiletries

The Bag

Would you believe I fit all this into my Magnolia Traveler Backpack!? And there was room to spare.

Thanks for the early birthday present, Mom!

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