Packing for Ladies: Iceland

Updated June 23, 2020.

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! Having trouble deciding what to pack for your own trip to chilly Iceland? I’ve got just the thing! Here’s what I came up with for our trip to the Land of Fire and Ice. We were there 73 hours, which is typical for us, but not enough time to see all of Iceland. We mostly went for the Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon, but we were excited for some gorgeous waterfalls, volcanoes, and a crashed plane on a black sand beach! And this is what I wore:

On the Plane

Our flights to Iceland were evening and overnight flights, so comfort was important to me. So I chose my ever-comfy, fleece-lined leggings, moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirt, and my puffy vest. After our flights we did a little sightseeing and hiking around Keflavik, so this outfit went easily from one activity to the next!

Cozy and comfy!

In my Carry-on

I always go carry-on only. All the items you’ll see in this post went in my pink backpack, except for the items below, which went in my “personal item” that stayed at my feet: compression socks to prevent swelling and discomfort, travel tumbler with teabags and vitamin drink mix, passport, and some reading material

For a bit of comfort on the flights!

At the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular sites in Iceland, and it was at the top of our list! The #1 piece of advice I found for a visit to the Blue Lagoon was to condition your hair and leave it in while you’re in the lagoon. They have shampoo and conditioner there for you, but my hair is particularly susceptible to dryness, so I brought my own.

Bathing suit, flip flops, and extra moisturizing conditioner

Hiking and Sightseeing

Temperatures in Iceland at the beginning of October are usually between 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is too chilly for a sundress and too warm for die-hard winter gear. These leggings are comfy and plenty warm, and the tops will give my skin coverage without keeping me too hot while hiking. Don’t forget I also have that puffy down vest to keep my core warm!

Fleece-lined leggings and two long-sleeved tops


That said, Iceland is known for drastic changes in weather–most notably wind, rain! So I’ve got my headring and ear bags for my ears, toboggan hat (or beanie, or knit cap, or something else depending on the region you’re from), knit scarf, trusty wind-resistant, puffy, packable down coat, a purple pullover, and gloves. The most important part to me is to keep my ears, head, and neck warm. You lose so much heat from those parts of the body, so keeping that heat in will keep the rest of your body warmer as well.

Layers of warmth!

At the last minute before we left, I decided to take my rain coat, too. It was going to take up valuable space, but I was glad I threw it in! We did get wet behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, and it rained on us more than once!

My handy-dandy, wind-resistant, raincoat!


What else needs to stay warm to keep you happy? Your feet! I got these water-resistant boots a couple of weeks before my trip. Aren’t they cute! They are perfect because of how light and packable they are!

Sneakers, variety of socks, water-resistant boots


I took a little more care in choosing my pajamas for this trip because we expected to get a late-night, short-notice wake up call to see the Northern Lights–hopefully every night! Our hotel has the wake-up service for those who wish to see the Lights, and they have extra clothes and blankets at the ready to keep their guests warm while watching the Lights in the cold darkness. So I picked some comfortable leggings and this oversized t-shirt as a base layer that could fit easily under bulkier coats and pants.


The Flight Home

No one likes to think about their flights home while they are packing for a fun trip, but I really like to have one very clean outfit (or at least a clean top!) to wear for the return flights. I just feel better, and I always suggest that others give it a try, too! So I’ve got the same black leggings, red shirt, scarf, and puffy vest.

Cute and comfortable, too.

Are you ready for your own big trip to Iceland? You’ll find everything you need and more on my Iceland Page!

And for all your packing needs, I have a dedicated Packing Page with tips, hacks, and strategies!

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