5 Things to Know Before You Visit Santiago, Chile

Updated August 10, 2020.

Happy Travel Tip Tuesday! This week’s travel tips are all about Santiago, Chile. We only had a one-day layover there, but we learned some valuable lessons that I think you’ll want to know if you decide to travel to (or through!) this city. Here’s what we came up with!

 1. Getting There

Sit on the left side of the plane for the sunrise and views of the Andes.

Here comes the sun! 
Snow-capped Andes!

2. Declare All Food

You must declare all food on your customs form: packaged, unpackaged, cheese, fruit, nuts, everything from a plant or an animal. Packaged foods like snack bars, peanut butter and crackers, and fruit snacks are allowed but must still be declared.

Not allowed! Food from various lounges and in-flight meals: grapes, cheeses, rolls, unpackaged crackers

3. Uber

Uber is not legal, but not illegal, but we got booted out by the police on our way into town from the airport! You are better off taking the blue bus or a cab into town to go sightseeing! Our cab from downtown back to the airport hotel was only about $20 USD, which was worthwhile for two people to avoid the time and trouble of taking the bus.

Lots of “not legal but not illegal” Ubers!

4. Migration Form

Keep your Migration Form with your passport; you will need it on the way out! I don’t know what happens if you lost it, but I also didn’t want to find out!

My Migration Form

5. Getting Home

Get a window seat! Either side will give you beautiful views on the way out, but the right side of the plane will give you more Andes views:

Good morning, Andes! 

So those are just a few things, but hopefully they’re helpful! Have you been to Santiago, Chile? Share your tips in the comments below!

Need more info on Santiago? It’s all on my Chile Page!

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  1. Yes i was there for my final semester of college volunteering at a resource center helping people get jobs and interviews. Santiago is nicknamed “San-hattan” because of its similarities to Manhattan. There are huge hills in the city that you can hike up or take a cable car to the top. There are open air markets and art museums, not to mention the beautiful cathedrals and the Plaza de armas. I kept a blog while I was there. It’s thoroughlymodernchile.blogspot.com. Such a neat place with great people!

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