Packing for Dudes: Easter Island in Winter

Updated June 23, 2020!

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! This one is pretty special because I’m venturing into new territory… Packing for Men! My sweet husband Steve was kind enough to let me photograph his unmentionables to share with you so that you, too, can pack like a man.

The Situation

This time we’re off to Easter Island off the coast of Chile. There will be a 24-hour layover in Santiago, and it will be their winter, since it’s August in the Southern hemisphere. Temperatures will be 40-67 degrees Fahrenheit (4-19 degrees Celsius), which is kind of a tough range to pack for efficiently, but here’s how he got it done!

The Clothes

Steve is a light packer by nature. In fact, he rarely takes more than just one backpack on a trip of any length!

On the Plane

Jeans can be worn with anything, the shirt is moisture-wicking and can double as a workout shirt the next day.  Long compression socks are essential to prevent swollen (uncomfortable) feet and legs, and of course, undies.

To Wear on the Plane

Workout Wear

Steve works out just about every day, whether it’s running, strength training, or both. We also plan to bike quite a bit on Easter Island, so clothes that can get kind of gross and be thrown away on travel (freeing up space for Christmas gifts or souvenirs) are useful. These can be worn one day, used for a workout the next day, and thrown away after. We have a “one more wear” box that we put clothes in when they are just about worn though, and we use those for travel when necessary.

Three shirts, two shorts
Rolled and ready for packing! (the wifey did that)

Daily Wear

My husband has a uniform: polo shirts. He’s so cute! All three of these are on their last threads so they can be left behind, but more importantly, they can all go with his jeans or these shorts. He is also only taking one pair of shoes for all activities–running shoes.

Three shirts, one shorts, one pair of walking shoes
All rolled up!


These are the most important items NOT to forget.

6 undies, 6 socks, 1 pair of compression socks for the flights home

Chilly Weather Gear

The one day we’re in Santiago will be between 40-59 degrees F (4-15 degrees C), which is pretty chilly since we are used to D.C. summer temperatures just now. It will feel even colder if the day is overcast, so the down jacket has to come with us. Luckily that will wad up nicely and squish down to practically nothing!

Down Jacket
Stuffed in its pocket

And the pullover won’t hurt for both a chilly day in Santiago and brisk mornings on Easter Island.

Light pull-over
Rolled up

One day he’ll need shorts, one day he’ll need jeans, and surely one day these athletic pants will come in handy, too. It’s a good thing they also roll up nice and small.

Athletic Pants
Rolled up

The Toiletries

Packing toiletries can be a pain with the TSA rules and regulations, but it’s not impossible. Here are Steve’s essentials:


  • Eye Mask (for sleep!)
  • Toothbrush and backup toothbrush (he likes clean teeth)
  • Razor
  • Nail clippers
  • Melatonin (for sleep!)
  • Daily medications (the container helps to make sure he doesn’t lose track of what day it is!)
  • Deodorant
  • Dental floss


  • Toothpaste and backup toothpaste
  • Shaving cream and backup shaving cream
Non-liquids vs. Liquids

Pro Tip: Steve’s preferred deodorant is a spray. It does not come in a container that is 3 ounces or less, but it is a dry spray, so he had never had any trouble getting through security with it. Until one fateful layover in Bangkok. It was taken from him, and he was sad. And a little bit mad. Thankfully, we were flying home so he didn’t have to go through an entire trip with no deodorant. He bought this solid bar deodorant specifically for travel!

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  1. Your husband dresses well. Interesting about compression socks for the flight, I understand why, but I am curious how common people wear them if your readers have thoughts.

    1. Thanks! He likes to use them, and I have a pair for long-haul flights, too. They help a lot, especially when in Economy for 12+ hours. Swelling is not a big deal, and it always goes down in a day or so, but it can be uncomfortable! I don’t think a lot of people use them, but we do! I wrote “5 Things That Happen to Travelers” a year or so ago, and my super swollen feet were the inspiration. I forgot my compression socks and spent 24 hours on various flights getting home from Cambodia. Warning: there is a feet picture. 😜

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