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Adventures at Unclaimed Baggage


Happy Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m bringing you along to an awesome store in Scottsboro, AL, called Unclaimed Baggage! Have you ever wondered what happened to that lost luggage you never could locate? Well, it probably ended up here. Unclaimed Baggage is the only buyer and seller of lost or unclaimed luggage (and cargo!) in America, and they have new items coming in every day! Here are a few things I found there:

Things that Should NEVER Go in Checked Luggage

There were SO MANY phones, laptops, fancy cameras, e-readers, and the like. Please, please, please keep these with you in your carry-on!

Smart Phones
Fancy Cameras
iPads and e-readers
Expensive Jewelry

Rule #1: Leave your expensive jewelry at home when you travel. Rule #2: If you do bring your expensive jewelry, please keep it on your person! The most expensive thing they ever sold at Unclaimed Baggage was a Rolex watch for $36,000!

Men’s diamond wedding ring
Diamond engagement rings
Expensive Clothes

No really, your destination wedding dress should be your carry-on. They can hang it up for you in the plane! And that $3,200 day dress? Also worth rolling into your carry-on luggage.  Hope these were lost on the way home and not on the way to their destinations!

Wedding dress
Wedding dress
$3,195 retail; marked down to $850!
A “Personal Item”

Most airlines allow you to bring one “carry on” and one “personal item” with you aboard the plane. Please, keep your $395 purse with you as your personal item and not in your checked bag!

Retailing for $395; at Unclaimed Baggage for $125!
General Clothing is the Most Lost Item, But…

…there were about a million scarves for sale! I might have bought a few for myself.


Lost Shipments
Unclaimed Cargo

Unclaimed Baggage doesn’t just buy and sell lost checked luggage. They also take on lost shipments! This is what they call “Unclaimed Cargo.” So if you see a bunch of one thing, it was probably not packed in someone’s luggage but was perhaps on its way to a store!

Unclaimed Cargo
Military Uniforms
Boot socks!
Online Orders
Lost in the Mail

Maybe it fell off the UPS truck, maybe it was never picked up at the post office. After a while, it ended up here.

Target brand with tags
LuLaRoe Cassie, with tags still on
American Girl doll
Museum Pieces

Not everything at Unclaimed Baggage is claimable. There are some fun museum pieces that are for display only. Check them out!

Stand Up Paddle Board next to my friend Eric who is 6’3″!
Wooden Dutch Shoes
Chinese Mask
Antique Snow Shoes
Don’t forget Tinker Bell!

Have you ever been to Unclaimed Baggage? Is it on your “Must Do” list now? Let me know below! And tune in tomorrow for a peak inside the “Unclaimed Baggage Experience!

6 thoughts on “Adventures at Unclaimed Baggage

  1. Wow…I’m flabbergasted! The stuff that one put in their check-in luggage. Especially the jewellery, I mean there is always a little space in your carry-on for a ring or necklace. I especially love the wooden shoes as a Dutchie 🙂

  2. I had seen this on TV years ago. Seems like the kind of place I’ve be at until closing. On my bucket list!

  3. So much stuff, wow! All the jewelry and gadgets, my heart will ache for losing them! I never, never check electronics in my suitcase, can’t imagine them being tossed around =\

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