10 Photos: Norway


It’s Faraway Friday! If you’re like me, January seems to drag on and on… and on! It both causes frustration when I’m snowed in and inspires my wanderlust–time to plan a trip! In case you need some inspiration, too, here are 10 photos to inspire your trip to beautiful Norway!

10. The Scream!


Located in the National Gallery in Oslo, Edvard Munch’s famous painting is on display for all to see (and photograph!). No funny business, though. It’s heavily guarded since it’s been the target of several thefts in its day.

9. Trolls!


Yes, Norway is indeed the land of TROLLS! Some tales declare their unfriendliness toward humans, but I learned differently when this guy let me give him a kiss on the news!

8. The Place where Mail is Delivered by Rowboat


This adorable little village only receives mail via rowboat! How cute is that? What would you think about living in a beautiful Norwegian fjord, away from the rest of the world and the noise of motor vehicles?

7. The Stave Church


When in Oslo, make a trip to visit the Stave Church. It’s hundreds of years old, and largely original. The paintings inside, like the one above, are original to the church as well. Medieval churches are fascinating to me, and perhaps they will be to you as well!

6. Fish and Cheese for Breakfast! 


Cheese and herring are staples of the Scandinavian diet! We stayed at a lovely hotel with an amazing smorgasbord of cheeses, pickles and smokes seafood, pickled vegetables, cold cuts, and delicious breads with jams, honey, and butter. Yum!

5. The Super Winding Road


This was quite the experience in a seemingly top-heavy bus! Round and round we went, down and down the side of a mountain. It was terrifying and exhilarating all at once!

4. Adorably Tiny Towns


How cute is this little town? Nestled into a beautiful valley with a river running through, this little town survives on tourism. People are friendly, everywhere you look is a picture-perfect view, and “peaceful” is the word that comes to mind when I remember our stop in the little town of Flam!

3. Vikings!


I love history! But before our honeymoon in Scandinavia, I knew almost nothing about Vikings. Their history and customs are fascinating, especially their death practices. To find out more, visit the Viking Museum in Oslo!

2. Bergen


We visited five cities in three countries on our tour of Scandinavia, and Bergen, Norway, was our most favorite! This charming, historic fishing village is rumored to be the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen, and the beautiful views from the hills of Bergen are inspiring in and of themselves. There are castles, 16th century buildings still in use, and lots of Scandinavian charm!

1. Fjord Cruises


We took a three-hour cruise through the fjords of Norway. The water was calm, the views were scenic, and the whole experience was truly peaceful. The cliffs dropping directly into the water made of a dramatic sight!

What do you think? Is Norway on your list?

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