Screaming through Oslo

Originally published on 30 May 2014.

Sunday in Oslo dawned earlier than we did (per usual when the sun comes up at 4:20am!), but we were ready to take it on! Steve went for a run while I continued to catch up on some sleep time, and when we got to breakfast, it was slightly less chaotic than the day before. We had some trouble finding where the church is near Oslo, so we opted for church in the room, which worked out well. I was disappointed since I enjoy worshipping with Christians wherever I go, in whatever language, but it was nice to do church with just God and my husband and me. And thank goodness for recorded sermons online!

And now… off to find the Scream by Edvard Munch! There’s one in the Munch Museum, but that was pretty far from where we were in the city, but, conveniently, there’s also one in the general art museum, so we went there! We missed it the first go-around, even though it’s not a large museum. It’s a good thing Steve’s adorable little wife is not afraid to speak to strangers! I asked one of the security guards where the Scream was located, and he pointed us right to it–we had walked past the room without noticing! It’s behind a glass (or plexiglass) pane because it was stolen at one point, so that’s actually kind of cool, I think. We got to see something worth stealing! And now, you can see it, too… AH!


We saw some other art as well. Lots of naked people, some fruits and veggies, landscapes, seascapes, flowers, etc. But this was the one everyone was taking pictures of. Me included!

Check that off the list! Now on to the Royal Residence. Steve likes to see all the royal palaces wherever we go, and I like the medieval castles. The changing of the guard took a VERY long time once it got started! I’m all for ceremony and show, but it really took a while just to get things going. Lucky for you, you’re getting the summary!

Guys and gals marching in.
The stare down
The switcheroo
And he’s off work!

After a snack and a visit tot he little princess’ room, we stumbled upon the sculpture garden Steve wanted to see. Vigeland Park, it’s called. It was one of the top 10 sights to see, so we had to drop by! It was a lovely walk there, especially walking hand in hand with my new husband! But when we arrived, we discovered it was not exactly what we’d envisioned… all the sculptures were NAKED! Or NEKKID, depending on your accent. Naked adults playing with naked kids, naked people standing around. Naked people sitting. Naked people walking… the statues were of all sorts. I know God made the human body beautiful, but Adam and Eve banished us to a life of clothing in public places… and I kind of prefer that! Anyway, we giggled about it all the way back into downtown Oslo! No pictures!

After a quick stop at the hotel to freshen up, we set out to find a true Norwegian meal on our last night in Norway. Herring, anyone?

Please join us for our last leg… Stockholm! No, we did not catch the syndrome. Yes, Whitney did channel her inner Ingrid Bergman!

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