Staying at the Trump International, D.C.

What is the best hotel experience you’ve ever had? I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels and various other accommodations—everything from hostels and Air BnBs to real bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels! My favorites have one thing in common: history! I just love staying in a place steeped in history, seeing unexpected pieces preserved, and being inspired by the places that have withstood the test of time.

D.C. in Spring

Spring is springing early, and it’s a beautiful time to be in Washington, D.C.! It’s also the most popular tourism time because of the many many MANY school trips that happen between March and June each year. So if you find yourself planning a trip to D.C. this spring (or tagging along with your kid!), here are my top 10 spring time activities to make your trip the best!

What to Eat in D.C.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday AND Inauguration Week in DC! In honor of the great influx of people who will be in town for the inauguration and those who will be moving in with the changes of administration, here’s a rundown of the infamous foods and food experiences in DC! Breakfast A trip to DCContinue reading “What to Eat in D.C.”

7 Day Trips from D.C.

Hello, my friends! This week’s post will explore some fun day trips from my current hometown–Washington, D.C! If you’re ever in the area, or if you live here, you may want to check some of these out! I’ve listed one for each day of the week. We’ll start at the closest destination and work ourContinue reading “7 Day Trips from D.C.”