Making the Most of It

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Travel is awesome, don’t you think? There’s almost nothing I’d rather be doing than traveling the great big world. But as with all wonderful things, sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly as you think. On a recent trip to San Francisco, my husband and I couldn’t seem to catch a break.Continue reading “Making the Most of It”

Top 10 Travel Experiences

It’s Throwback Thursday! Today I’m remembering my favorite experiences. I’m often asked where is my favorite place I’ve ever been, but I believe that the destination is not quite as important as the experience. For instance, you can go to a zoo just about anywhere in the world, but there’s only one place where you can legally hold a koala bear. Here’s a list of my top 10 travel experiences (so far).

Tantalizing Tallinn

Our third and final Baltic stop is… Tallinn, Estonia! It is so hard to pick a favorite out of these three countries, but Tallinn definitely had its high points! We arrived by bus and took a taxi through the business area of town–not too cute. But when we arrived in the Old Town section, thisContinue reading “Tantalizing Tallinn”