5 Things to Love about Alexandria, VA

It’s my birthday! So today I’m highlighting my most favorite city in the world, the city I chose to live in for four beautiful years, Alexandria, Virginia. If you love fantastic food, beautiful views, farmers’ markets, or romance, Alexandria might be the place for you! Here’s a quick list of my top 5 favorite things about Old Town Alexandria.

Time to Colonize!

Originally published on 18 August 2012. After lunch at Kings Arms Tavern, Alexis and I went to the Capitol building for their tour. The building is a reconstruction, but it’s sitting on the original foundation. In this very building, Patrick Henry denounced the Stamp Act, which was a huge source of scandal, since going againstContinue reading “Time to Colonize!”

Wenches of Williamsburg

Happy Independence Day! Or as some might call it, Treason Day! In honor of July 4th, here’s a Monday Throwback to my first visit to Williamsburg, VA, the Colonial Capitol! Originally published on 17 August 2012. Good day to you! In an effort to visit the major Colonial sites around the former British colonies, myContinue reading “Wenches of Williamsburg”

Bear Sighting!

Originally published on 2 June 2012. Val and I got into a bit of a situation on our Appalachian hike today… Not only did we see two bears, the mama bear charged us! And we’ve lived to tell the tale! It all started when we decided to go hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains today. We were excitedContinue reading “Bear Sighting!”