10 Reasons to Visit Adana

Updated April 2020. It’s Faraway Friday, and this week it’s all about beautiful Adana in Turkey! This is one of the most beautiful and surprising areas of the world I’ve ever visited, and for those reasons, it’s one of the most memorable. Here are 10 reasons you should start planning your visit! 10. Beautiful ArchitectureContinue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Adana”

10 Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Updated April 2020. It’s Faraway Friday, and this week we’re jetting off to exotic Istanbul! If you’ve talked to me about my most and least favorite places I’ve visited, Istanbul does not make the most favorite list. Turkey was an amazing country to visit, however, and Istanbul did have some high notes. If you findContinue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Istanbul”

10 Reasons to Visit Ephesus, Turkey

If you follow my blog or social media at all, you know I am a sucker for history. And there’s nothing more historical than ruins! This Faraway Friday, we’re heading to Ephesus and its beautiful neighbor, Izmir, Turkey! 10. The Ephesus Museum Ephesus should certainly be an all-day stop on your list, but this museumContinue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Ephesus, Turkey”

10 Reasons to Visit Cappadocia, Turkey

Updated April 2020. It’s that day of the week again: Faraway Friday! And this week I’m letting you in on the top 10 reasons you should the enchanting, striking, and ancient region of Cappadocia (also known as Kapadokia). Here are the reasons it simply can’t be missed: 10. Food Traditions Cappadocia is a different world.Continue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Cappadocia, Turkey”

What I Ate: Iconic Eats

When one thinks of England, they think of Big Ben… and fish ‘n chips. When one thinks of Hawaii, they think of hula girls… and pigs roasted in the ground! Come along with me on a culinary adventure of the most iconic foods I’ve ever eaten–so far!

Top 10 Travel Experiences

It’s Throwback Thursday! Today I’m remembering my favorite experiences. I’m often asked where is my favorite place I’ve ever been, but I believe that the destination is not quite as important as the experience. For instance, you can go to a zoo just about anywhere in the world, but there’s only one place where you can legally hold a koala bear. Here’s a list of my top 10 travel experiences (so far).

Road Tripping to Goreme

Originally published on 6 September 2011. After quite a bit of complication trying to figure out transportation from Adana to Goreme (long story!), the Turkish Skirmish Travel Team decided to suck it up and rent a car for the drive up! And we’re glad we did! Randi went with us to a bakery a fewContinue reading “Road Tripping to Goreme”

Adana and the Castles in the Sea!!!

Originally published on 5 September 2011. Day one in Adana was a great success! Randi got us from the airport and showed us around Adana. We got back to her and Dan’s house (her husbands name is Dan, not to be confused with our Dan!) and got the low-down on what to see and doContinue reading “Adana and the Castles in the Sea!!!”