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A Romantic Weekend in Stowe, Vermont

Looking for a romantic getaway? Might I suggest beautiful Stowe, Vermont? This quaint, sweet New England town is seemingly made of charm, and there are plenty of places to find just the right romantic moment. Vermont is beautiful in all seasons, but we got to enjoy peak foliage there this fall. Take a look and… Continue reading A Romantic Weekend in Stowe, Vermont

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Packing for Women: Fall in New England

Visiting New England in fall is on many an all-American bucket list! My sweet husband whisked me away to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. We had a wonderful time, but sometimes packing for fall weather can be a challenge. To take some of the stress out of your fall trip to New England,… Continue reading Packing for Women: Fall in New England

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How to Get into D.C. from Dulles (IAD)

If you’re flying into the D.C. area, you have three options: Reagan National (DCA), Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), or Washington-Dulles International (IAD). If you’re coming from DCA, you can simply take the Blue Line into D.C. for $6 or less. But if you’re coming from BWI or IAD, you’ll have to make a connection or two… Continue reading How to Get into D.C. from Dulles (IAD)

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5 Trips for Positive Vibes

Hopefully every trip you take leaves you feeling exhilarated, accomplished, and longing for more experiences just like it! But sometimes the world we live in can seem discouraging, rude, and downright mean in the age of Internet “anonymity” and out-of-control newsmedia. The negativity really gets to me sometimes, and travel is certainly a way of… Continue reading 5 Trips for Positive Vibes

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Words to Learn in the Local Language

Confession: I am only fluent in English. Braggadocious moment: I can say “Thank you” in 18 languages! Why Bother Learning Some of the Local Language? You would be amazed at how far you can get with a genuine American smile. Did you know Americans are known the world around for our inexplicable smiling? (The “stupid… Continue reading Words to Learn in the Local Language

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Solo Travel: Sydney, Australia

Are you ready to take the solo travel leap? If you’re like me, Sydney seems an impossible, unattainable dream—a trip of a lifetime! But it’s so far away. You can’t possibly deserve to treat yourself to a trip so dreamy, so frivolous, so FAR! But I’ve been to Sydney three times now, and the only… Continue reading Solo Travel: Sydney, Australia

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How to Respectfully Visit a Mosque

  Have you ever visited a mosque? It can be kind of intimidating, especially for women, if you’ve never been in one before. So that’s why I decided to write up a quick guide of do’s and don’t’s so you won’t have to miss out on this cultural and spiritual experience on your travels! What… Continue reading How to Respectfully Visit a Mosque

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10 Trips to Take in College

College… your last chance to be a kid without adults giving you the stink-eye about it! Wear your PJ’s to class, try new things, figure out your life—or start to figure out that you’ll never have life figured out! College is also the time of life when you get to do a few crazy things,… Continue reading 10 Trips to Take in College

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What to Eat in Polaris: Houston to Sydney and Back Again

Meal time! One of the highlights of my husband’s and my 1K status with United is the Business Class upgrades. They are harder and harder to secure lately, so our upgrading days may be coming to a close sooner rather than later, but that’s all the more reason to enjoy them while we can! And… Continue reading What to Eat in Polaris: Houston to Sydney and Back Again

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1 Day in Historic Boston

So you only have one day in Boston? Not sure how you could possibly fit it all in? Never fear! I have your ultimate one day guide to historic Boston whether you’re in town on business, squeezing in some sight-seeing on a college visit, or just need a change of scenery for a day! Times… Continue reading 1 Day in Historic Boston