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A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

This Travel Tip Tuesday I am giving you all the information you need on the ins and outs of Uber. I’ve taken Uber a lot this year since my husband and I have been sharing a car, and sometimes it’s just the most economical option. If you’ve never taken it before, or even if you… Continue reading A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

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D.C.’s Metro System: A Guide

This Travel Tip Tuesday is dedicated to the movers and shakers who just moved and shook themselves to D.C.! Whether you’ve come for the inauguration, a job, or just to visit, here is your ultimate guide to navigating D.C.’s Metro System!  1. It’s not the Subway, it’s “The Metro,” or simply “Metro. Seriously, you’ll be… Continue reading D.C.’s Metro System: A Guide