How to Book the Glacier Express

Steve and I recently took a romantic (though altered!) journey through the Swiss Alps! We took the scenic Glacier Express, and while it was a journey to remember, knowing how to purchase our seat reservations was a little confusing! So I sifted through the information for you and have made up this quick guide to making sure you get the right ticket on the right train

Coastin’ in Collierville

Originally published on 9 August 2014. Where to now? To visit my friend Carol in Memphis! I found a deal on a plane ticket to visit my friend Carol, but the reason it was a deal was that it required a layover in Newark. Happily, Carol was waiting for me in the Memphis airport, and aContinue reading “Coastin’ in Collierville”

Lost in Prague!

After another Bratislava breakfast of sheep’s cheese toast and coffee at Shtoor, I headed back to the hostel for my luggage and walked to the train station. The people in the train station were much more helpful in Slovakia than in the other train stations I’d passed through during this trip, so I had no problem finding myContinue reading “Lost in Prague!”