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D.C. Tours to Request in Advance

It’s tour time in D.C.! Well, it’s basically always tour time in D.C. And for that reason, there are some tours you must–I repeat–MUST request in advance! Here’s a quick list of the most coveted tours and all the details on exactly how to request each one. The White House The most coveted, particular, and difficult… Continue reading D.C. Tours to Request in Advance

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How to Tour the U.S. State Department

It’s Museum Monday! This week I’m letting you in on a bit of a secret: You can tour the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Rooms! Well, maybe it’s not a secret, but it’s definitely something most people don’t know or think of when they visit Washington, D.C. My friend Kelly and I recently took a tour… Continue reading How to Tour the U.S. State Department


Bratislava 101

Originally published 13 May 2012. It’s Bratislava tour time! Be Free Tours gives several free walking tours each day in Bratislava, all with a different theme. I chose the general history tour to get an overview of this city I knew next to nothing about. Our guide was Timmy from Australia, and in addition to… Continue reading Bratislava 101


Krakow History Tour!

Originally published on 9 May 2012. The fun is only beginning! The company is Free Walking Tours Krakow, and the guides are licensed, local experts. I feel confident calling them experts because they’ve all had to take a rigorous 8-month course all about the historical significance of Poland, the politics of the country, and just all… Continue reading Krakow History Tour!


Tour of Warsaw

Originally published on 6 May 2012. Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Here’s the first post from a life-changing trip through Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. Why did it change my life? I met my husband on this trip! Our second wedding anniversary is coming up, as well as the fourth anniversary of our first meeting, so… Continue reading Tour of Warsaw