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6 Winter Days in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Looking for a winter wonderland? One that’s really fairytale material? Look no farther than Europe! My sweet husband Steve and I had a fun and unexpectedly exciting time in Switzerland and Liechtenstein this past January, and we highly recommend the experience! Here’s an itinerary for your own trip to this Alpine winter playground! Day 1: Arrive… Continue reading 6 Winter Days in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

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Solo Travel: Switzerland

Why Switzerland? Because it’s wonderful! I’ve been to Switzerland more often than I’ve been anywhere other than my home country, and I just love it. The cheese, the bread, the hiking, the castles, the friendly people, the traveler-friendly transportation, the walkability of the villages. Switzerland is a fantastic solo destination for a multitude of reasons!… Continue reading Solo Travel: Switzerland

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Snow Hiking in the Alps

It’s Motivation Monday! I’ll admit that I’m a little bit of a contradiction: I hate the cold, but I love the snow! My sweet husband and I both enjoy hiking anywhere we find ourselves in the world. And since this is the Year of Active Travel, I thought I’d do a little write up on the… Continue reading Snow Hiking in the Alps

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9 Things to Do in Zermatt

Happy Faraway Friday, one and all! If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you already know my sweet husband and I just got back from a beautiful, wintry trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein! This was my first time to Zermatt, home of the famous Matterhorn, and though we were only there about a… Continue reading 9 Things to Do in Zermatt

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Overnight in St. Moritz

High up in the Swiss Alps, where the people speak Romansch and the snow falls in stark white beauty, lies a small village with a significant history. Beginning in 1846, St. Moritz became the original winter vacation destination. Since then it has hosted two Winter Olympic Games and become a winter resort city with high-end… Continue reading Overnight in St. Moritz

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What to Eat in Switzerland

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week it’s all about the incredible cheeses, chocolates, breads, and more incredible foods Switzerland has to offer! Breakfast It’s the most important meal of the day, and the Swiss do it best! I don’t know what’s in the grass they feed these cows, but the milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.,… Continue reading What to Eat in Switzerland

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What to Know Before You Visit Zermatt

It’s Tuesday, my friends, and you know what that means: I’m letting you in on my top travel tips! This week it’s all about the world-famous resort town of Zermatt: home of the Matterhorn and Alpine charm! Here are the things you need to know to make the most of your trip. Getting There and… Continue reading What to Know Before You Visit Zermatt

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An (Amended) Glacier Express Experience

Happy Monday, one and all! If you followed along on Instagram or Facebook last week, you know Steve and I had a unique experience on the Glacier Express. This was a bit of a special situation, as Switzerland is having a highly unusual winter season, with more snowfall than they’ve had in 30 years! In… Continue reading An (Amended) Glacier Express Experience

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Booking the Glacier Express

Hello, my readers! If you’ve been following along on our travels you know my sweet husband Steve and I recently took a romantic (though altered!) journey through the Swiss Alps! We took the scenic Glacier Express, and while it was a journey to remember, knowing how to purchase our seat reservations was a little confusing!… Continue reading Booking the Glacier Express

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How to Plan Train Travel in Switzerland

An idyllic setting, efficient trains, on-time departures and arrivals–that is Swiss train travel! But for someone who hasn’t been on a train in years, making plans for a scenic journey through the Swiss Alps was anything but a walk in the park. But never fear! I sifted through all the details for you and put… Continue reading How to Plan Train Travel in Switzerland