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Gifts for Travelers 2018

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is coming! Even a summer-loving girl like me gets excited for Christmastime. The lights, the feeling, the music, and finding that perfect thing for my loved ones always gets me excited and gets my creative juices flowing! This year I’ve come up with the ultimate list of options… Continue reading Gifts for Travelers 2018

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Gear Up for Winter Travel

Colder temperatures are coming to the Northern Hemisphere! So in the spirit of rolling with the punches, this summer girl has your guide to staying warm on your travels! All photo links below are Amazon affiliate links. Click to get yours! Outdoor Gear When you’re choosing to travel to a wintry destination, you’re excited for… Continue reading Gear Up for Winter Travel

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Gifts for Travelers 2017

Happy Black Friday! Whether you slept in this morning or you camped out at your favorite retailer all night long, I’ve got a few things in mind for the traveler in your life. The photos below contain affiliate links via Amazon. This means if you purchase a product from one of these links, you will be… Continue reading Gifts for Travelers 2017

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Adventures at Unclaimed Baggage

Happy Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m bringing you along to an awesome store in Scottsboro, AL, called Unclaimed Baggage! Have you ever wondered what happened to that lost luggage you never could locate? Well, it probably ended up here. Unclaimed Baggage is the only buyer and seller of lost or unclaimed luggage (and cargo!) in… Continue reading Adventures at Unclaimed Baggage

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Lost in Ise City

Originally published on 23 May 2006. This is part of a series of letters to home that I wrote while living and working in Japan on my first trip abroad. So I had the day off yesterday (a pleasant surprise). I decided I needed to explore and kinda see what’s here. Well you’d never believe all… Continue reading Lost in Ise City

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Gifts for Travelers 2016

Cyber Monday is here! Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday of choice, I have the perfect guide for the traveler on your list! When shopping for your traveling loved one, remember that traveling light is of utmost importance. Travel gadgets may be awesome, but they can also add more weight than convenience if… Continue reading Gifts for Travelers 2016