Tips for Driving on the Left

Wouldn’t world travel be so much easier if everyone drove on the same side? Maybe! But what’s the fun in that? I’ve driven on the left a few times in my life, and ridden in a car driving on the left even more often. It’s really not so bad!

How to Plan a Road Trip

Who’s up for a road trip? We are! My husband Steve and I have a unique opportunity to travel a bit this month. We don’t need to accrue any more money or mileage for next year’s airline status, so we decided to take a road trip from Washington, D.C., to Jacksonville, FL.

Anne and the Island Tour

Originally published on 16 July 2015. Today’s the day we go to Anne’s house! Well, L.M. Montgomery’s house anyway. Mom and I have been waiting for this experience since we were little girls. She has been waiting longer than I have! Mom and Joel slept in a while, but I just couldn’t help myself. IContinue reading “Anne and the Island Tour”

4 Day Getaway: Asheville

Disclaimer: Quick Whit Travel did not receive funding or gifts from any of the establishments or brands mentioned below. We only wish to be helpful to other travelers and promote products and businesses we honestly enjoy!  Well, I’ve been working. And by working, I mean traveling! This adventure took me on a road trip with myContinue reading “4 Day Getaway: Asheville”