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Top 10 Travel Hacks

Are you ready for this? I love giving away my travel tips, but I was recently compelled to compile a list of my very top travel hacks–the lifesavers that work every time! Well, this is it. Get ready to travel like a pro! 10. Go Carry-on Only I cannot stress this one enough. In fact,… Continue reading Top 10 Travel Hacks

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What I Wore at the Outer Banks

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! I recently took a little weekend getaway with some girlfriends to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ll be honest, this was a packing challenge for me! I was not in charge of any of the planning, driving, finding restaurants, anything, so I had a hard time knowing what to… Continue reading What I Wore at the Outer Banks

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Top 10 Packing Hacks

My packing posts have been getting an awful lot of love lately, so I thought it was high time to pull together my favorite packing hacks into one blog post! Packing can be very overwhelming (even to Steve and me!), but with the right strategies and these helpful hacks, packing just got a lot less… Continue reading Top 10 Packing Hacks

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Packing for Ladies: A Week in Maui

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! What should you pack for a week on Maui? Bathing suits! And perhaps a few more things. Here is my packing list, complete with photos and Amazon links to help you go carry-on only to beautiful Maui, Hawaii! On the Plane Comfort is key! We had a six hour flight from… Continue reading Packing for Ladies: A Week in Maui

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Should You Watch Someone’s Luggage?

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m addressing an issue that has happened to just about everyone, but you may not think much of it, even though it’s kind of a big deal: “Can you watch my stuff?” So, should you? This question came up recently when a frequent traveler friend of mine was approached… Continue reading Should You Watch Someone’s Luggage?

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Crazier Things have Happened

It is Throwback Thursday, and today we are talking about lessons learned from past travel faux pas! What’s the biggest travel boo boo you’ve had to overcome? Take a look at the situations below and see if you can relate! 1. Misspelling My friend Lindsay was the inspiration for this post, so it’s only fitting… Continue reading Crazier Things have Happened

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Packing for Ladies: Amsterdam in April

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! I leave for Amsterdam tonight, so stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for update from the tulip festival in Holland! But first I have to pack, right? The forecast calls for rain every day and temperatures in the 40s-low 60s Fahrenheit. Not ideal weather in my opinion, but I’m pumped… Continue reading Packing for Ladies: Amsterdam in April

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Gear Up for Summer Travel

Spring is here, but summer is coming! I truly love summer travels: beaches, sunshine, waterfall hikes, ocean breezes, hot and humid temperatures. I love it! Whether or not you love summertime travels, I’ve put together a list of the very best summer travel gear and products I truly love! The photos below are Amazon Associate links,… Continue reading Gear Up for Summer Travel

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Packing for Men: Weekend in Singapore

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! My sweet husband and I just got home from a whirlwind weekend in exotic, hot, beautiful Singapore! I posted all about my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, so this week we’re looking at my husband’s packing list. On the Plane We were in Economy Class for the majority of… Continue reading Packing for Men: Weekend in Singapore

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Packing Strategy 7: The Journey Home

Welcome to our last installment (for now!) of Packing Strategies. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. I have some more fun posts queued up in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon! You made it! You packed your best bag, didn’t have anything taken away at security, got to keep your luggage… Continue reading Packing Strategy 7: The Journey Home