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What to Know Before You Visit Kauai

This Faraway Friday I’m taking a break from my usual “top 10 reasons to visit” list to bring you some tips for visiting the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in all the world: Kauai, Hawaii! They don’t call it the Garden Isle for nothing. If you’re taking a trip Kauai in the near future,… Continue reading What to Know Before You Visit Kauai

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10 Reasons to Visit Adana

It’s Faraway Friday, and this week it’s all about beautiful Adana in Turkey! This is one of the most beautiful and surprising areas of the world I’ve ever visited, and for those reasons, it’s one of the most memorable. Here are 10 reasons you should start planning your visit! 10. Beautiful Architecture We went straight… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Adana

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Shingu Shrine

Originally published on 21 July 2006. This post is part of a series of “e-mails to home” from my first summer abroad while living and working in Japan! Well hello! I hope everyone’s had a good week. Let me know what you’re up to! Yesterday I went to the Shingu Shrine at the recommendation of the… Continue reading Shingu Shrine

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10 Reasons to Visit Guam

If you’ve been following my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, you know I just got back from a beautiful, tropical island paradise… Guam! I’ll be posting some tips and other fun Guam posts next week, but for this Faraway Friday, here are 10 reasons YOU should consider a trip to Guam! 10. Love Birds Though I… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Guam

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Blue-footed Boobies!

Originally published 18 August 2015. Welcome back! Friday dawned early for us. That’s a nice benefit of being two hours behind where your body thinks you are; you wake up early and get going with your day! We went down for breakfast, and can you believe they had banana cake for breakfast? And coffee, and… Continue reading Blue-footed Boobies!

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The Cliffs of Moher!

Originally published 14 May 2012. Day 2 started well–better than Day 1 ended! I was surprised at how well my body had already adjusted to the time change. At 7:00 am Ireland time (2:00 am DC time), I felt like it was time to get up! Cherie said she just never wants to get up in… Continue reading The Cliffs of Moher!