Mr. Peabody Pembroke Gets Fresh

Originally published on 24 November 2015. Welcome to our last day in the Big Easy City! It’s a full one! First stop: Starbucks for a mug! I took the street car into town this time to save my achy little feet (that was a lot of walking the day before!) and to save time asContinue reading “Mr. Peabody Pembroke Gets Fresh”

Garden (District) Party!

Originally published on 23 November 2015. Happy Saturday from New Orleans! Turns out I had no trouble getting up that morning, thanks to being a wonderful hour behind the East Coast! I’ve never been a strong sleeper, especially not in a strange bed, so I was up before the sun and had plenty of timeContinue reading “Garden (District) Party!”

Exploring the Big Easy

Originally published 22 November 2015. Greetings, my fine readers! If you see much of me on Facebook, you must have seen that I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, over the weekend. My friends Amanda and Tracey from Williamsburg were planning to be there with Amanda’s boyfriend, Thomas Jefferson (yes, it’s the truth!), and they askedContinue reading “Exploring the Big Easy”