Japan: Tale of a Fateful Trip

My readers, I’m about to let you in on something life-changing, Earth-shattering, and mind-broadening. At least it was for me. Just over 10 years ago I was 20 years old, fearless, and in search of adventure outside of my tiny little hometown in Tennessee. An opportunity to live and work in Japan practically fell intoContinue reading “Japan: Tale of a Fateful Trip”

Flight Risk: Boredom!

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Here’s one that was originally published on 28 September 2015. We all love long flights, right? They take us to exciting, faraway destinations, you can’t get where you’re going any faster than in a plane, and you get free meals (which you paid for with your pricey plane ticket)! But afterContinue reading “Flight Risk: Boredom!”