How to Hold a Koala (and how NOT to eat vegemite)

Steve and I were in for quite a treat today—holding koalas and exploring the rain forest! We took and excursion up to Kuranda, which is a former hippie village in the rainforest, just above Cairns. The bus was a bit late, but everything seemed to be running late that morning, according to the bus drivers (we had to change buses a time or two).

How to Spend Your First Day in Sydney

Originally published 10 August 2013. We made it! Our plane found the Australian sunrise just half an hour or so before we landed, and it was every bit as beautiful as Wednesday’s sunset. Breakfast was quite the feast, with two types of eggs, sweet rolls, fruit, yogurt, juice, and coffee. We landed right on time andContinue reading “How to Spend Your First Day in Sydney”