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Romantic Things to Do on Guam

Temperatures are in plummet mode in the northern hemisphere, and if you’re like me, you’re longing for a tropical getaway! In case you and your honey need some inspiration (or just need to live vicariously through some pictures for a minute or two), I’ve got your guide to the best romantic things to do on… Continue reading Romantic Things to Do on Guam

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Top 10 Things to Do at Tumon Bay

If you’re planning a tropical Guamanian getaway, odds are you’ll be staying at Tumon Bay! Almost all the hotels are here, and with good reason—it’s gorgeous, the waters are calm, and it’s walkable to tons of restaurants, shopping, and attractions! 10. Make the Most of Your Accommodation Many of the accommodations on Tumon Bay are… Continue reading Top 10 Things to Do at Tumon Bay

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20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

Since I recently entered my 30s, I’ve been reflecting on the person I’ve become–what I love about myself, what I wish I’d done before now, what I can improve, why I am the way I am, etc. And I realized on a recent trip to Bali that travel is not only my favorite hobby, it… Continue reading 20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

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10 Reasons to Visit O’ahu

It’s Faraway Friday, and this week we’re jetting off to the Island of O’ahu! My husband and I needed a relaxing trip for our first anniversary, and we decided an island would probably be just the right pace to help us slow down and soak in the happiness of our first year of marriage. This… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit O’ahu

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What to Eat on Kauai

Do you love island life? Island food? Islands in general? Me, too! This What I Ate Wednesday, we’re reliving our delightful feast from Hawaii’s Garden Island, Kauai! Coffee Kauai is home to, in my humble opinion, the world’s BEST coffee! The Kauai Coffee Company is open for tours, and there is a small museum, too. They… Continue reading What to Eat on Kauai

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Isabela: Queen of the Penguins

Originally published on 24 August 2015. Good morning! Today we set out on our last Galapagos adventure: the largest island of Isabela. If you look at a map, you’ll notice she looks like a seahorse wearing a wedding dress. =) And there are penguins! Though she’s the largest island, she’s not the most populated. There… Continue reading Isabela: Queen of the Penguins

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Puerto Ayora: We Saw Everything!

Back on Santa Cruz, there was much more to see! We got ourselves together for Marcos to take us on our next adventure, and our first stop was… A water taxi! Our not-so-favorite. And the seas were rougher than they had been the days prior! Fortunately for us, we only needed to take the water… Continue reading Puerto Ayora: We Saw Everything!

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Stranded: The Floreana Saga

Originally published on 19 August 2015. Beautiful Floreana! This day was a very special one. Steve and I got to experience a REAL remote island in the Pacific! We rose early, went down for breakfast at the Galapagos Suites, and before we knew it, we were being picked up by our private guide! His name… Continue reading Stranded: The Floreana Saga

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Santa Cruz and the Giant Tortoises!

Originally published on 17 August 2015. We arrived! Now to pay to get in. Even though people actually live on some of the islands, the whole archipelago is a national park, and you have to pay $100 per person (cash) to visit. Fortunately, we knew that in advance and budgeted for it! We got off… Continue reading Santa Cruz and the Giant Tortoises!