Christmas in Pittsburgh

Updated May 2020. Merry Christmas! It’s Merry Monday, my readers! My sweet husband and I went to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving with his family, but I made sure we did some Christmassy things while we were there! If you are heading to Pittsburgh this Christmas season or in the coming years, here are the things youContinue reading “Christmas in Pittsburgh”

Christmas Foods of the World

Merry Christmas Month! It’s Festive Friday and this week we’re looking at some Christmassy foods fromĀ around the world! Who’s up for a culinary adventure? Netherlands Usually a traditional Christmas meal in the Netherlands starts with shrimp cocktail, soup, and game meats like goose, venison, or pheasant. A traditional Dutch Christmas dish isĀ Kerstkrans bread, filled withContinue reading “Christmas Foods of the World”

Christmas in D.C.

Thanksgiving is finished, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, and DC is in the Christmas mood! I absolutely LOVE Christmas in DC. It’s a magical time of year, and it is my favorite time of year to call DC my home. Check out all the fun things to do here in no particular order:Continue reading “Christmas in D.C.”