New Year’s Eve Around the World

It’s our last Festive Friday, and this week it’s all about New Year’s festivities of the world! Where are you spending New Year’s Eve? And with whom? If you’ve visiting one of these countries (or just want to dream of visiting them!), get prepared for their New Year’s traditions! Mexico It’s all about the numbersContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Around the World”

Santas of the World

Whether you call him Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or St. Nicholas, he is undeniably a part of Christmas around the world! Check out these fun facts about Santa, and feel free to add some international flare to your own version of Old St. Nick! Australia Believe it or not, when Father Christmas arrivesContinue reading “Santas of the World”

Christmas Trees of the World

What’s the universal symbol of Christmas? Christmas trees! Check out the Christmas tree traditions from all over the world. Georgia Christmas trees in the country of Georgia are very different than the traditional evergreen trees many Europeans and Americans are familiar with, though “Western” Christmas trees are becoming more popular. A Georgian Christmas tree isContinue reading “Christmas Trees of the World”