What to Eat in Qatar: Snacks and Sweets

If you’ve been following along with me on my world-wide adventures, you might notice a pattern… My strongest tooth is my sweet tooth! My trip to Qatar was tons of fun and absolutely flavorful. There wasn’t much room for dessert after such large meals (check out my Qatar Page for all the posts about what I ate there!), but don’t worry, I found plenty of sweets to keep me satisfied between meals!

What to Eat: Heidelberg’s Christmas Market

This one’s pretty special–it’s all about Christmas foods! I recently was in Heidelberg to enjoy the Christmas Markets and explore this cute, historic town, and to get a little more material for my Germany page! Here’s the scoop on what I ate at the Heidelberg Christmas Market!

What to Eat in D.C.: Part II

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! It’s true, I’ve already done a What I Ate in D.C. blog post, but my dad was in town recently, and his “Love Language” is the rare 6th one… Food! So we ate well on his visit, and I want to share it all with you! Here’s what we ateContinue reading “What to Eat in D.C.: Part II”