Hong Kong: Don’t Make Our Mistakes

Originally published on 29 November 2015. Yes indeed, we did Hong Kong in one day, my friends! I’ll admit it was one of the least efficient trips we’ve taken, so read on to avoid our mistakes on your own whirlwind trip to Hong Kong! So first, let’s get there! First flight: IAD (Washington-Dulles International Airport)Continue reading “Hong Kong: Don’t Make Our Mistakes”

Marathon Flying: Survival in the Air

If you’ve been following the blog, you know Steve and I recently returned from our yearly “Trip of a Lifetime” and that it involved a LOT of flights! Nine flights to be exact. On the way home, we spent 39 hours sitting in traffic on Bali, taking four flights, going through what seemed like aContinue reading “Marathon Flying: Survival in the Air”

Carry-on Only: 14 Days, 5 Cities

It’s that time again… time to pack! My husband is whisking me away for our annual Trip of a Lifetime, and this year we’re hitting up five cities in five different countries, four of which are new to us–and all of which are new to me! Luckily it’s summer (or summery weather) in all these places,Continue reading “Carry-on Only: 14 Days, 5 Cities”