21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Updated April 2020. Are you considering solo travel, maybe for the first time? It can be intimidating, particularly for women. But fear not! You totally got this. I am a firm believer that any place you go can be safe, but some places are generally safer than others if you’re just starting out and testingContinue reading “21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel”

Solo Travel: United States of America

Updated April 2020. Thinking of taking the solo travel leap? You know I think you should go for it! The USA is a great solo destination because it’s so diverse. You can experience the city life of New York City, ski in Colorado year-round, experience paradise in Hawaii, or even meet up-and-coming country music starsContinue reading “Solo Travel: United States of America”

What to Know Before You Visit Qatar

Updated April 2020. Is Qatar on your “to go” list? I recently had a unique opportunity to visit some family friends there this summer, and I learned so much! So I came up with this great list of things to know before you go! Terminology The official language of Qatar is Arabic. All the wordsContinue reading “What to Know Before You Visit Qatar”

What About Qatar?

Updated April 2020. If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you know I just got home from an epic trip to Doha, Qatar. I got a lot of shocked and quizzical looks when I started telling people I planned to visit Qatar (and in summer, no less!), so I was inspired to writeContinue reading “What About Qatar?”

Alaskan Flying Adventure

Originally published on 27 December 2007. I went to Alaska for a week after my college graduation. Alaska in December? You bet! Hey, everyone! I’ve been in Alaska a total of 42 hours, and already I’ve flown a plane, gawked at glaciers and mountains, seen moose from the air, learned to ski in the dark, and camped onContinue reading “Alaskan Flying Adventure”